My name is Whitney and storytelling is what excites me! My handsome hubby, Marcellos is my partner in all the things, including photography. He's also my biggest encourager. :) I shoot families, portraits, intimate weddings & elopements. My favorite part of it all is connecting with people and creating art from those connections. It’s intimate, raw and vulnerable to be in that space with someone and I feel incredibly honored to be trusted to capture it all. I am passionate about natural light and my style is unexpected, organic and not forced. 

A little about us! Marcellos and I met 15 years ago while attending art school in San Francisco. After graduating and doing a lot of soul searching we both found Jesus, an amazing church community and each other!  We fell in love fast, got married and started Paco and Betty all in under 2 years. I mean, take a breath, jeez!

You may have already figured this out but Paco and Betty are not our real names. “Paco” is an alias that Marcellos uses when he orders coffee because NOBODY on this planet knows how to spell MARCELLOS. And “Betty” was a nickname that a roommate gave me in college. We were Betty and Barbara, two old Jewish ladies who spoke a lot of Yiddish, ha!


MEET marcellos

Hi, I’m Whitney and I’m a pretty joyful person! I’m an extrovert and I love people—the more unique and quirky the better! I’m easily inspired, I have a HUGE smile and I’m very affectionate, so don’t be alarmed if I just start hugging you after introducing myself … it cannot be stopped!

Along with photography, I’m obsessed with boutique hotels & well curated airbnbs. In fact, I desperately want to own a place just to style and rent it out on Airbnb.

And also, if you let me into your house, I might rearrange and redecorate it — this passion runs deep I tell you! I also love 1970s everything, thrift shopping, vintage fashion & wallpaper! 

Hi, I’m Marcellos and I am a relaxed, level headed guy with a lot of goals! Besides wanting to be an awesome husband to my wife and father to my kids, I also want to achieve a black belt in Jujitsu, own sports cars, test out my survival skills in the wild and just basically win at everything … including Settlers of Catan!

I geek out over interesting facts about any subject and I love a wide range of music (techno, country, pop, jazz, metal, hip hop…the list goes on and on). I’m a morning person and during the week, I drink a lot of coffee and problem solve for my day job in my home office.

 My favorite part of any day though, is taking breaks to play with my kids and catch up with my wife. I’m an introvert but I love talking and connecting with people of every age.