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March 7, 2014 KATMANDOOM!
Kat + Danny are the masters of ALL THINGS FUN and their brightly colored day was filled with so much love, laughter and surprises!!! From singing a funny duet at the end of their vows to marching into their reception with a local high school band, they had their guests rolling on the floor laughing & even crying. But the fun & tears didn't end there. After dinner their guests actually surprised K+D with a FLASH MOB! Yeah, I know, right?! Needless to say, we had the best time capturing these awesome moments and helping K+D remember their epic day! #neverforget #weloveyoukatanddanny

dumas_b_001.jpg dumas_b_002.jpg dumas_b_003.jpg dumas_b_004.jpg dumas_b_005.jpg dumas_b_006.jpg dumas_b_007b.jpg dumas_b_008c.jpg dumas_b_009.jpg dumas_b_010.jpg dumas_b_011.jpg dumas_b_012.jpg dumas_b_013.jpg dumas_b_014.jpg dumas_b_015.jpg dumas_b_016.jpg dumas_b_017.jpg dumas_b_018.jpg dumas_b_019.jpg dumas_b_020.jpg dumas_b_021.jpg dumas_b_022.jpg dumas_b_023.jpg dumas_b_024.jpg dumas_b_025.jpg dumas_b_026.jpg dumas_b_027.jpg dumas_b_028.jpg dumas_b_029.jpg dumas_b_030.jpg dumas_b_031.jpg dumas_b_032.jpg dumas_b_033.jpg dumas_b_034.jpg dumas_b_035.jpg dumas_b_036.jpg dumas_b_037.jpg dumas_b_038.jpg dumas_b_039.jpg dumas_b_040.jpg dumas_b_041.jpg dumas_b_042.jpg dumas_b_043.jpg dumas_b_044.jpg dumas_b_045.jpg dumas_b_046.jpg dumas_b_047.jpg dumas_b_048.jpg dumas_b_049.jpg dumas_b_050.jpg dumas_b_051.jpg dumas_b_052.jpg dumas_b_053.jpg dumas_b_054.jpg dumas_b_055.jpg dumas_b_056.jpg dumas_b_057.jpg dumas_b_058.jpg dumas_b_059.jpg dumas_b_060.jpg dumas_b_061.jpg dumas_b_062.jpg dumas_b_063.jpg dumas_b_064.jpg dumas_b_065.jpg dumas_b_066.jpg dumas_b_067.jpg dumas_b_068.jpg dumas_b_069.jpg dumas_b_070.jpg dumas_b_071.jpg dumas_b_072.jpg dumas_b_073.jpg dumas_b_074.jpg dumas_b_075.jpg dumas_b_076.jpg dumas_b_077.jpg dumas_b_078.jpg dumas_b_079.jpg dumas_b_080.jpg dumas_b_081.jpg dumas_b_082.jpg dumas_b_083.jpg dumas_b_084.jpg dumas_b_085b.jpg dumas_b_086.jpg dumas_b_087.jpg dumas_b_088.jpg dumas_b_089.jpg dumas_b_090.jpg dumas_b_091.jpg dumas_b_092.jpg dumas_b_093.jpg dumas_b_094.jpg dumas_b_095.jpg dumas_b_096.jpg dumas_b_097.jpg dumas_b_098.jpg dumas_b_099.jpg dumas_b_100.jpg dumas_b_101.jpg dumas_b_102.jpg dumas_b_103.jpg dumas_b_104.jpg dumas_b_105.jpg dumas_b_106.jpg dumas_b_107.jpg dumas_b_108.jpg dumas_b_109.jpg dumas_b_110.jpg dumas_b_111.jpg dumas_b_112.jpg dumas_b_113.jpg dumas_b_114.jpg dumas_b_115.jpg dumas_b_116.jpg dumas_b_117.jpg dumas_b_118.jpg dumas_b_119.jpg dumas_b_120.jpg dumas_b_121.jpg dumas_b_122.jpg dumas_b_123.jpg dumas_b_124.jpg dumas_b_125.jpg dumas_b_126.jpg dumas_b_127.jpg dumas_b_128.jpg dumas_b_129.jpg dumas_b_130.jpg dumas_b_131.jpg dumas_b_132.jpg dumas_b_133.jpg dumas_b_134.jpg dumas_b_135.jpg dumas_b_136.jpg dumas_b_137.jpg dumas_b_138.jpg dumas_b_139.jpg dumas_b_140.jpg dumas_b_141.jpg dumas_b_142.jpg dumas_b_143.jpg dumas_b_146.jpg dumas_b_145.jpg dumas_b_147.jpg dumas_b_148.jpg dumas_b_149.jpg dumas_b_150.jpg dumas_b_151.jpg dumas_b_153.jpg dumas_b_152.jpg dumas_b_155.jpg dumas_b_156.jpg dumas_b_157.jpg dumas_b_158.jpg dumas_b_159.jpg dumas_b_160.jpg dumas_b_161.jpg dumas_b_162.jpg dumas_b_163.jpg dumas_b_164.jpg dumas_b_165.jpg dumas_b_166.jpg dumas_b_167.jpg dumas_b_168.jpg dumas_b_169.jpg dumas_b_170.jpg dumas_b_171.jpg dumas_b_172.jpg dumas_b_173.jpg dumas_b_174.jpg dumas_b_175.jpg dumas_b_176.jpg dumas_b_177.jpg dumas_b_178.jpg dumas_b_179.jpg dumas_b_180.jpg dumas_b_181.jpg dumas_b_182.jpg dumas_b_183.jpg dumas_b_184.jpg dumas_b_185.jpg dumas_b_186.jpg dumas_b_187.jpg
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[April 9, 2014 02:28 PM] pinky said:
love the details and the location and the couple! absolutely love your work!!!
Hey guys, check out some of the gorgeous work our talented associate shooters Natalie + Cody do! We are so excited that we get to team up with such talented folks who we love like family! If you'd like to know more about about our associate rates for 2014, please email us here.

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September 11, 2013 Jeff + Dana
WOW, Jeff and Dana have amazing taste! With their wedding team Joannie Liss Events, they were able to pull it all off flawlessly from beginning to end. It was truly a stunning wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Northstar, Lake Tahoe with so much depth, culture and love all around.

decker_b_001.jpg decker_b_002.jpg decker_b_003.jpg decker_b_004.jpg decker_b_005.jpg decker_b_006.jpg decker_b_008.jpg decker_b_007.jpg decker_b_011.jpg decker_b_012.jpg decker_b_013.jpg decker_b_014.jpg decker_b_015.jpg decker_b_016.jpg decker_b_017.jpg decker_b_018.jpg decker_b_019.jpg decker_b_020.jpg decker_b_021.jpg decker_b_022.jpg decker_b_023.jpg decker_b_024.jpg decker_b_025b.jpg decker_b_028.jpg decker_b_030.jpg decker_b_026.jpg decker_b_033.jpg decker_b_034.jpg decker_b_035.jpg decker_b_036.jpg decker_b_037.jpg decker_b_038.jpg decker_b_039.jpg decker_b_040.jpg decker_b_041.jpg decker_b_042.jpg decker_b_043.jpg decker_b_044.jpg decker_b_045.jpg decker_b_046.jpg decker_b_047.jpg decker_b_050.jpg decker_b_051.jpg decker_b_052.jpg decker_b_053.jpg decker_b_054.jpg decker_b_055.jpg decker_b_056.jpg decker_b_057.jpg decker_b_058.jpg decker_b_059.jpg decker_b_060.jpg decker_b_061.jpg decker_b_062.jpg decker_b_064.jpg decker_b_065.jpg decker_b_066.jpg decker_b_067.jpg decker_b_068.jpg decker_b_069.jpg decker_b_070.jpg decker_b_071.jpg decker_b_072.jpg decker_b_073.jpg decker_b_074.jpg decker_b_075.jpg decker_b_076.jpg decker_b_077.jpg decker_b_078.jpg decker_b_079.jpg decker_b_080.jpg decker_b_081.jpg decker_b_082.jpg decker_b_083.jpg decker_b_084.jpg decker_b_085.jpg decker_b_086.jpg decker_b_087.jpg decker_b_088.jpg decker_b_089.jpg decker_b_090.jpg decker_b_091.jpg
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[October 2, 2013 10:24 PM] Sarah said:
You captured something truly special in the B&W shot with the bride's dress, the beams on the roof and the light shining through the veil - all leading the eye to an exquisite expression on the bride's face.
Getting ready - Omni Hotel & Clift Hotel
Ceremony - The Nine Studios
  cartan_b_012.jpg cartan_b_010.jpg cartan_b_015.jpg cartan_b_017.jpg cartan_b_018.jpg cartan_b_019.jpg cartan_b_024.jpg cartan_b_025.jpg cartan_b_026.jpg cartan_b_027.jpg cartan_b_028.jpg cartan_b_029.jpg cartan_b_032.jpg cartan_b_033.jpg cartan_b_034.jpg cartan_b_035.jpg cartan_b_021.jpg cartan_b_037.jpg cartan_b_038.jpg cartan_b_039.jpg cartan_b_041.jpg cartan_b_045.jpg cartan_b_046.jpg cartan_b_048.jpg cartan_b_049.jpg cartan_b_050.jpg cartan_b_051.jpg cartan_b_052.jpg cartan_b_053.jpg cartan_b_054.jpg cartan_b_055.jpg cartan_b_056.jpg cartan_b_057.jpg cartan_b_060.jpg cartan_b_061.jpg cartan_b_063.jpg cartan_b_064.jpg cartan_b_065.jpg cartan_b_068.jpg cartan_b_070.jpg cartan_b_071.jpg cartan_b_072.jpg cartan_b_073.jpg cartan_b_074.jpg cartan_b_075.jpg cartan_b_076.jpg cartan_b_077.jpg cartan_b_078.jpg cartan_b_079.jpg cartan_b_080.jpg
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May 16, 2013 Peter + Meredith
The Carneros Inn is now officially one of our favorite venues to shoot at! Everything about this venue is cool and the wedding was so sweet & fun! Peter + Meredith had such positive, relaxed and humorous attitudes that only added to an absolutely perfect day.

vaughan_b_001.jpg vaughan_b_002.jpg vaughan_b_003.jpg vaughan_b_004.jpg vaughan_b_005.jpg vaughan_b_006.jpg vaughan_b_007.jpg vaughan_b_008.jpg vaughan_b_009.jpg vaughan_b_010.jpg vaughan_b_011.jpg vaughan_b_012.jpg vaughan_b_013.jpg vaughan_b_014.jpg vaughan_b_015.jpg vaughan_b_017.jpg vaughan_b_018.jpg vaughan_b_019.jpg vaughan_b_020.jpg vaughan_b_021.jpg vaughan_b_022.jpg vaughan_b_023.jpg vaughan_b_024.jpg vaughan_b_025.jpg vaughan_b_026.jpg vaughan_b_027.jpg vaughan_b_028.jpg vaughan_b_029.jpg vaughan_b_030.jpg vaughan_b_031.jpg vaughan_b_032.jpg vaughan_b_033.jpg vaughan_b_034.jpg vaughan_b_035.jpg vaughan_b_036.jpg vaughan_b_037.jpg vaughan_b_038.jpg vaughan_b_039.jpg vaughan_b_040.jpg vaughan_b_041.jpg vaughan_b_042.jpg vaughan_b_043.jpg vaughan_b_044.jpg vaughan_b_045.jpg vaughan_b_046.jpg vaughan_b_047.jpg vaughan_b_048.jpg vaughan_b_049.jpg vaughan_b_050.jpg vaughan_b_051.jpg vaughan_b_052.jpg vaughan_b_053.jpg vaughan_b_054.jpg vaughan_b_055.jpg vaughan_b_056.jpg vaughan_b_057.jpg vaughan_b_058.jpg vaughan_b_059.jpg vaughan_b_060.jpg vaughan_b_061.jpg vaughan_b_062.jpg vaughan_b_063.jpg vaughan_b_064.jpg vaughan_b_065.jpg vaughan_b_066.jpg vaughan_b_067.jpg vaughan_b_068.jpg vaughan_b_069.jpg vaughan_b_070.jpg vaughan_b_071.jpg vaughan_b_072.jpg vaughan_b_073.jpg vaughan_b_074.jpg vaughan_b_075.jpg vaughan_b_076.jpg vaughan_b_077.jpg vaughan_b_078.jpg vaughan_b_079.jpg vaughan_b_080.jpg vaughan_b_081.jpg vaughan_b_082.jpg vaughan_b_083.jpg vaughan_b_084.jpg vaughan_b_085.jpg vaughan_b_086.jpg vaughan_b_087.jpg vaughan_b_088.jpg vaughan_b_089.jpg vaughan_b_090.jpg vaughan_b_091.jpg vaughan_b_092.jpg vaughan_b_093.jpg vaughan_b_094.jpg vaughan_b_095.jpg vaughan_b_096.jpg vaughan_b_097.jpg vaughan_b_098.jpg vaughan_b_099.jpg vaughan_b_100.jpg vaughan_b_101.jpg vaughan_b_102.jpg vaughan_b_103.jpg vaughan_b_104.jpg vaughan_b_105.jpg vaughan_b_106.jpg vaughan_b_107.jpg vaughan_b_108.jpg vaughan_b_109.jpg vaughan_b_110.jpg vaughan_b_111.jpg vaughan_b_112.jpg vaughan_b_113.jpg vaughan_b_114.jpg
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[May 19, 2013 01:47 AM] Urška Majer said:
[June 5, 2013 07:03 PM] Sparklybecca said:
Her dress is stunning!!
May 8, 2013 Garth + Raquel
We always jump at any opportunity to shoot in the wine country! This sweet wedding was shot in Glen Ellen, CA at Jack London Lodge. The whole day was warm and full of lots of love and it should be :).

huberty_b_001.jpg huberty_b_004.jpg huberty_b_005.jpg huberty_b_006.jpg huberty_b_007.jpg huberty_b_008.jpg huberty_b_009.jpg huberty_b_010.jpg huberty_b_011.jpg huberty_b_012.jpg huberty_b_013.jpg huberty_b_014.jpg huberty_b_015.jpg huberty_b_016.jpg huberty_b_017.jpg huberty_b_018.jpg huberty_b_019.jpg huberty_b_020.jpg huberty_b_021.jpg huberty_b_022.jpg huberty_b_023.jpg huberty_b_024.jpg huberty_b_025.jpg huberty_b_026.jpg huberty_b_027.jpg huberty_b_028.jpg huberty_b_029.jpg huberty_b_030.jpg huberty_b_031.jpg huberty_b_032.jpg huberty_b_033.jpg huberty_b_034.jpg huberty_b_035.jpg huberty_b_036.jpg huberty_b_037.jpg huberty_b_038.jpg huberty_b_039.jpg huberty_b_040.jpg huberty_b_041.jpg huberty_b_042.jpg huberty_b_043.jpg huberty_b_044.jpg huberty_b_045.jpg huberty_b_046.jpg huberty_b_047.jpg huberty_b_048.jpg huberty_b_049.jpg huberty_b_050.jpg huberty_b_051.jpg huberty_b_052.jpg huberty_b_053.jpg huberty_b_054.jpg huberty_b_055.jpg huberty_b_056.jpg huberty_b_057.jpg huberty_b_058.jpg huberty_b_059.jpg huberty_b_060.jpg huberty_b_061.jpg huberty_b_062.jpg huberty_b_063.jpg huberty_b_064.jpg huberty_b_065.jpg huberty_b_066.jpg huberty_b_067.jpg huberty_b_068.jpg huberty_b_069.jpg huberty_b_070.jpg huberty_b_071.jpg huberty_b_072.jpg huberty_b_073.jpg huberty_b_074.jpg huberty_b_075.jpg huberty_b_076.jpg huberty_b_077.jpg huberty_b_078.jpg huberty_b_079.jpg huberty_b_080.jpg huberty_b_081.jpg huberty_b_082.jpg huberty_b_083.jpg huberty_b_084.jpg huberty_b_085.jpg huberty_b_086.jpg huberty_b_087.jpg huberty_b_088.jpg huberty_b_089.jpg huberty_b_090.jpg huberty_b_091.jpg huberty_b_092.jpg huberty_b_093.jpg huberty_b_094.jpg huberty_b_095.jpg huberty_b_096.jpg huberty_b_097.jpg huberty_b_098.jpg huberty_b_099.jpg huberty_b_100.jpg huberty_b_101.jpg huberty_b_102.jpg
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It's always an honor being posted on one our most favorite sites Green Wedding Shoes

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April 2, 2013 Ben + Candice Married!
A modern vintage wedding with bold pops of color, set in a warehouse filled with antiques? Yes please!!!

Ceremony - Esprit Park
Reception - Big Daddy's Antiques
Stationary - Naglee Paper Products
Caterers/Bar - Gastronaut / Tonic Bar
Floral Design and Coordination - Details by Design

sardella_003b.jpg sardella_w_b_002b.jpg sardella_w_b_002c.jpg sardella_w_b_001.jpg sardella_w_b_003.jpg sardella_w_b_004.jpg sardella_w_b_005.jpg sardella_w_b_007.jpg sardella_w_b_008.jpg sardella_w_b_010.jpg sardella_w_b_011.jpg sardella_w_b_012.jpg sardella_w_b_013.jpg sardella_w_b_014.jpg sardella_w_b_015.jpg sardella_w_b_017.jpg sardella_w_b_019.jpg sardella_w_b_020.jpg sardella_w_b_021.jpg sardella_w_b_022.jpg sardella_w_b_023.jpg sardella_w_b_024.jpg sardella_w_b_025b.jpg sardella_w_b_026.jpg sardella_w_b_027.jpg sardella_w_b_028.jpg sardella_w_b_029.jpg sardella_w_b_030.jpg sardella_w_b_031.jpg sardella_w_b_032.jpg sardella_w_b_033.jpg sardella_w_b_034.jpg sardella_w_b_035.jpg sardella_w_b_036.jpg sardella_w_b_037.jpg sardella_w_b_038.jpg sardella_w_b_039.jpg sardella_w_b_040.jpg sardella_w_b_041.jpg sardella_w_b_042.jpg sardella_w_b_043.jpg sardella_w_b_044.jpg sardella_w_b_045.jpg sardella_w_b_046.jpg sardella_w_b_047.jpg sardella_w_b_048.jpg sardella_w_b_049.jpg sardella_w_b_050.jpg sardella_w_b_051.jpg sardella_w_b_052.jpg sardella_w_b_053.jpg sardella_w_b_054.jpg sardella_w_b_055.jpg sardella_w_b_056.jpg sardella_w_b_057.jpg sardella_w_b_058.jpg sardella_w_b_059.jpg sardella_w_b_060.jpg sardella_w_b_061.jpg sardella_w_b_062.jpg sardella_w_b_063.jpg sardella_w_b_064.jpg sardella_w_b_065.jpg sardella_w_b_066.jpg sardella_w_b_067.jpg sardella_w_b_068b.jpg sardella_w_b_069b.jpg sardella_w_b_070.jpg sardella_w_b_071.jpg sardella_w_b_072.jpg sardella_w_b_073.jpg sardella_w_b_074.jpg sardella_w_b_075.jpg sardella_w_b_076.jpg sardella_w_b_077b.jpg sardella_w_b_078.jpg sardella_w_b_079.jpg sardella_w_b_080.jpg sardella_w_b_081.jpg sardella_w_b_082.jpg sardella_w_b_083.jpg sardella_w_b_084.jpg sardella_w_b_085.jpg sardella_w_b_086.jpg sardella_w_b_087.jpg sardella_w_b_088.jpg sardella_w_b_089.jpg sardella_w_b_090.jpg
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[April 14, 2013 12:43 AM] pinky said:
wow amaziing shots! Love the details!
[April 18, 2013 03:20 PM] Angela said:
This has to be the most beautifully artistic wedding I've ever seen! So inspiring!
March 14, 2013 Boaz + Lolly Married!
Nestldown in Los Gatos, CA is one of our very favorite venues to shoot at. It feels like you are in an enchanted forest in some kind of fairytale. It's so lush and and everything seems to always be in bloom. We just love it!

We really feel so blessed by what we do, not only because we get to create beautiful imagery but also because we are always surrounded with so much LOVE!

Speaking of love, Boaz + Lolly's intimate wedding was filled with so much of it that we wish we could have bottled it up to take home with us!

zob_b_001.jpg zob_b_002b.jpg zob_b_003.jpg zob_b_004.jpg zob_b_005.jpg zob_b_006.jpg zob_b_007.jpg zob_b_008.jpg zob_b_009.jpg zob_b_010.jpg zob_b_011.jpg zob_b_013b.jpg zob_b_014.jpg zob_b_015.jpg zob_b_016.jpg zob_b_017.jpg zob_b_018.jpg zob_b_019b.jpg zob_b_020.jpg zob_b_021b.jpg zob_b_022.jpg zob_b_023.jpg zob_b_025.jpg zob_b_026.jpg zob_b_027.jpg zob_b_028.jpg zob_b_029.jpg zob_b_030.jpg zob_b_031.jpg zob_b_032.jpg zob_b_033.jpg zob_b_036.jpg zob_b_037.jpg zob_b_038.jpg zob_b_039.jpg zob_b_040.jpg zob_b_041.jpg zob_b_042.jpg zob_b_043.jpg zob_b_044.jpg zob_b_045.jpg zob_b_046.jpg zob_b_047.jpg zob_b_048.jpg zob_b_049.jpg zob_b_050.jpg zob_b_051.jpg zob_b_052.jpg zob_b_053.jpg zob_b_054.jpg zob_b_056.jpg zob_b_057.jpg zob_b_058.jpg zob_b_059.jpg zob_b_060.jpg zob_b_061.jpg zob_b_063.jpg zob_b_064.jpg zob_b_064b.jpg zob_b_064c.jpg zob_b_064d.jpg zob_b_064e.jpg zob_b_065.jpg zob_b_066.jpg zob_b_067.jpg zob_b_068.jpg zob_b_069.jpg zob_b_070.jpg zob_b_071.jpg zob_b_072.jpg zob_b_073.jpg zob_b_074.jpg zob_b_075.jpg zob_b_076.jpg zob_b_077.jpg zob_b_079.jpg zob_b_080.jpg zob_b_081.jpg zob_b_083.jpg zob_b_084.jpg zob_b_085.jpg zob_b_086.jpg zob_b_087.jpg zob_b_082.jpg
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[March 14, 2013 08:35 AM] lisa said:
you killed this one. by far your best work. love love love.
[March 14, 2013 10:50 AM] Tiffany said:
What a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful setting, gorgeous couple, and fun details!!!
[March 14, 2013 01:58 PM] Melodie McAtee said:
Why did this shoot make me tear up? It's a fairytale wedding, princess bride, hansel & gretel structures, forest -- so much I couldn't take it all in ... simply stunning and worthy of any magazine cover, bride, photography or otherwise. Makes me smile ... and teary. You guys simply ROCK!
[March 14, 2013 08:01 PM] Sparklybecca said:
No words. This wedding and the photos are PERFECTION. Should be submitted to Style Me Pretty ASAP.
[March 14, 2013 08:38 PM] Marlene Siegel said:
So magical! We can't wait for you to shoot Rebecca and Daniel' s wedding!
[March 14, 2013 09:36 PM] G.S. said:
[March 22, 2013 01:11 AM] Becky Male said:
Wow, what a stunning set of images, the location is unbelievable. I love the couple shots, great work!
[April 18, 2013 07:40 AM] Rebecca said:
gorgeous wedding! I am in love with your bridal gown! Just wondering who makes it??
[May 13, 2013 09:10 PM] Alicia said:
Agreed with Rebecca above, can you possibly tell us the designer of that gown please? Love it and all the photos!
[September 12, 2013 07:49 AM] Lolly said:
bridal gown: Pronovias party dress: Alice and Olivia
[November 5, 2013 07:57 AM] Rae Tashman said:
these photos are honestly very breathtaking. you have managed to really capture the mood of this special occation. i am also loving your black and whites and general post-processing color choices. really happy to have stumbled across your blog and am excited to look through past posts and await the many more wonderful posts that are to come. this location is also just absolutely perfect. i imagine that many couples choose this location for pictures. xx rae
We love elopement sessions and we don't do them as much as we'd like to! The day was so beautiful and perfect. There was such a calm and peaceful love between Michael and Allison, which set the tone for the day...even the Elk came out to play. Amazing.

It all took place in Point Reyes, CA in and around a little tucked away lodge called Manka's Inverness Lodge. The ceremony was held at Heart's Desire Beach and the post session was done at the beach and the Elk Reserve.

james_b_03.jpg james_b_06.jpg james_b_08.jpg james_b_09.jpg james_b_11.jpg james_b_12.jpg james_b_13.jpg james_b_14.jpg james_b_16.jpg james_b_17.jpg james_b_18.jpg james_b_19.jpg james_b_20.jpg james_b_21.jpg james_b_22.jpg james_b_23.jpg james_b_24.jpg james_b_25.jpg james_b_26.jpg james_b_27.jpg james_b_28.jpg james_b_29.jpg james_b_30.jpg james_b_31.jpg james_b_32.jpg james_b_33.jpg james_b_34.jpg james_b_35.jpg james_b_36.jpg james_b_37.jpg james_b_38.jpg james_b_39.jpg james_b_40.jpg james_b_41.jpg james_b_42.jpg james_b_43.jpg james_b_44.jpg james_b_45.jpg james_b_46.jpg james_b_47.jpg
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[January 23, 2013 05:42 PM] Lisa said:
Wow, this is stunning!!
[January 23, 2013 05:44 PM] Tiffany said:
Wow!!! Gorgeous!
[January 24, 2013 03:36 AM] Christine & Xander said:
you guys are AMAZING! love these, and love the whole elopement, this couple rocks!
WOW! We are so honored to be recognized alongside such talented photographers and having our image of Rachel make the cover was truly the cherry on top!

A huge thanks to Blair and the team at Junebug Weddings for the nomination, also to Rangefinder Magazine for choosing us as one of the top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and thanks to our amazing clients for letting us capture your day!

Check out the digital magazine here.

Feeling extremely thankful this November!

rangefinder_cover.jpg rangefinder_inside.jpg
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[November 21, 2012 07:04 PM] Matt said:
[November 22, 2012 03:54 AM] Sophie Booth said:
very well deserved, your work is beautiful!
[November 26, 2012 10:24 PM] mashacrayne said:
Yay, that's fan-freaking-tastic!! Congrats you two, lots of hard work went into this.
[November 30, 2012 07:43 AM] mellissa bonill pun said:
so proud of you guys!
[November 30, 2012 09:07 AM] Ashley Scobey said:
Huge congrats to y'all!! What an incredible honor - beautiful images :)
[December 27, 2012 03:20 AM] Tim Bishop said:
Congrats on being named one of the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Phtography - well deserved! As a lover of photography I see many sites and your work really jumps out, you have yourself a new fan! Happy New Years! Tx
October 11, 2012 Doug + Ciji
Whenever I'm around Doug + Ciji I just feel happier! They have such a lightness in their personalities and their wedding day so fun!

Their ceremony was held at Presidio Chapel and reception at Golden Gate Club.
  madey_w_b_003.jpg madey_0001.jpg madey_w_b_005.jpg madey_w_b_006.jpg madey_w_b_008.jpg madey_w_b_009.jpg madey_w_b_010.jpg madey_w_b_011.jpg madey_w_b_013.jpg madey_w_b_014.jpg madey_w_b_015.jpg madey_w_b_016.jpg madey_w_b_017.jpg madey_w_b_018.jpg madey_w_b_019.jpg madey_w_b_020.jpg madey_w_b_021.jpg madey_w_b_022.jpg madey_w_b_023.jpg madey_w_b_024.jpg madey_w_b_025.jpg madey_w_b_026.jpg madey_w_b_027.jpg madey_w_b_028.jpg madey_w_b_029.jpg madey_w_b_030.jpg madey_w_b_031.jpg madey_w_b_032.jpg madey_w_b_033.jpg madey_w_b_034.jpg madey_w_b_035.jpg madey_w_b_036.jpg madey_w_b_037.jpg madey_w_b_038.jpg madey_w_b_039.jpg madey_w_b_040.jpg madey_w_b_041.jpg madey_w_b_042.jpg madey_w_b_043.jpg madey_w_b_044.jpg madey_w_b_045.jpg madey_w_b_046.jpg madey_w_b_047.jpg madey_w_b_048.jpg madey_w_b_049.jpg madey_w_b_050.jpg madey_w_b_051.jpg madey_w_b_052.jpg madey_w_b_053.jpg madey_w_b_054.jpg madey_w_b_055.jpg madey_w_b_056.jpg madey_w_b_057.jpg madey_w_b_058.jpg madey_w_b_059.jpg madey_w_b_060.jpg madey_w_b_061.jpg madey_w_b_062.jpg madey_w_b_063.jpg madey_w_b_064.jpg madey_w_b_065.jpg madey_w_b_066.jpg madey_w_b_067.jpg madey_w_b_068.jpg madey_w_b_069.jpg madey_w_b_070.jpg madey_w_b_071.jpg madey_w_b_072.jpg madey_w_b_073.jpg madey_w_b_074.jpg madey_w_b_075.jpg madey_w_b_076.jpg madey_w_b_077.jpg madey_w_b_078.jpg
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[December 13, 2012 03:10 AM] Trish said:
What gorgeous photos!
September 19, 2012 Jeff + Amber Married!
Jeff + Amber designed such a lovely wedding at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, CA. Cornerstone is such a fun venue to begin with and the details of the wedding were perfectly suited for J+A. I especially loved the "Yay" flags and the flowers done by Leigh Okies Designs.

ja_w_675b.jpg engel_w_blog_002b.jpg engel_w_blog_001.jpg ja_w_012b.jpg engel_w_blog_023.jpg engel_w_blog_024.jpg engel_w_blog_025.jpg engel_w_blog_029.jpg engel_w_blog_028.jpg engel_w_blog_004.jpg engel_w_blog_005.jpg engel_w_blog_006.jpg engel_w_blog_007.jpg engel_w_blog_008.jpg engel_w_blog_009.jpg engel_w_blog_010.jpg engel_w_blog_011.jpg engel_w_blog_012.jpg engel_w_blog_013.jpg engel_w_blog_014.jpg engel_w_blog_015.jpg engel_w_blog_016.jpg engel_w_blog_017.jpg engel_w_blog_018.jpg engel_w_blog_030.jpg engel_w_blog_031.jpg engel_w_blog_032.jpg engel_w_blog_033.jpg engel_w_blog_034.jpg engel_w_blog_035.jpg engel_w_blog_036.jpg engel_w_blog_037.jpg engel_w_blog_038.jpg engel_w_blog_039.jpg engel_w_blog_040.jpg engel_w_blog_041.jpg engel_w_blog_042.jpg engel_w_blog_043.jpg engel_w_blog_044.jpg engel_w_blog_045.jpg engel_w_blog_046.jpg engel_w_blog_047.jpg engel_w_blog_048.jpg engel_w_blog_049.jpg engel_w_blog_050.jpg engel_w_blog_051.jpg engel_w_blog_052.jpg engel_w_blog_053.jpg engel_w_blog_054.jpg engel_w_blog_055.jpg engel_w_blog_056.jpg engel_w_blog_057.jpg engel_w_blog_058.jpg engel_w_blog_059.jpg engel_w_blog_060.jpg engel_w_blog_061.jpg engel_w_blog_062.jpg engel_w_blog_063.jpg engel_w_blog_064.jpg engel_w_blog_065.jpg engel_w_blog_066.jpg engel_w_blog_067.jpg engel_w_blog_068.jpg engel_w_blog_069.jpg engel_w_blog_070.jpg engel_w_blog_071.jpg engel_w_blog_072.jpg engel_w_blog_073.jpg engel_w_blog_074.jpg engel_w_blog_076.jpg engel_w_blog_077.jpg engel_w_blog_075.jpg engel_w_blog_078.jpg engel_w_blog_079.jpg engel_w_blog_080.jpg engel_w_blog_081.jpg engel_w_blog_082.jpg engel_w_blog_083.jpg engel_w_blog_084.jpg engel_w_blog_085.jpg engel_w_blog_086.jpg engel_w_blog_087.jpg engel_w_blog_088.jpg engel_w_blog_089.jpg engel_w_blog_090.jpg engel_w_blog_091.jpg engel_w_blog_092.jpg engel_w_blog_093.jpg engel_w_blog_094.jpg engel_w_blog_095.jpg engel_w_blog_096.jpg engel_w_blog_097.jpg engel_w_blog_098.jpg engel_w_blog_099.jpg engel_w_blog_100.jpg engel_w_blog_101.jpg engel_w_blog_102.jpg engel_w_blog_103.jpg engel_w_blog_104.jpg engel_w_blog_105.jpg engel_w_blog_106.jpg engel_w_blog_107.jpg engel_w_blog_108.jpg engel_w_blog_109.jpg engel_w_blog_110.jpg engel_w_blog_111.jpg engel_w_blog_112.jpg engel_w_blog_113.jpg engel_w_blog_114.jpg engel_w_blog_115.jpg engel_w_blog_116.jpg engel_w_blog_117.jpg engel_w_blog_118.jpg engel_w_blog_119.jpg engel_w_blog_120.jpg engel_w_blog_121.jpg engel_w_blog_122.jpg engel_w_blog_123.jpg engel_w_blog_124.jpg engel_w_blog_125.jpg engel_w_blog_126.jpg engel_w_blog_127.jpg engel_w_blog_128.jpg engel_w_blog_129.jpg engel_w_blog_130.jpg engel_w_blog_131.jpg engel_w_blog_132.jpg engel_w_blog_133.jpg engel_w_blog_134.jpg engel_w_blog_135.jpg engel_w_blog_136.jpg engel_w_blog_137.jpg engel_w_blog_138.jpg engel_w_blog_139.jpg engel_w_blog_140.jpg engel_w_blog_141.jpg engel_w_blog_142.jpg engel_w_blog_143.jpg engel_w_blog_144.jpg engel_w_blog_145.jpg engel_w_blog_146.jpg engel_w_blog_147.jpg engel_w_blog_148.jpg engel_w_blog_149.jpg engel_w_blog_150.jpg engel_w_blog_151.jpg engel_w_blog_152.jpg engel_w_blog_153.jpg engel_w_blog_154.jpg engel_w_blog_155.jpg engel_w_blog_156.jpg
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[September 20, 2012 07:59 PM] Lisa said:
oooo, LOVE this one! You captured all of the gorgeous details and moments perfectly. That last shot is awesome. :)
[September 20, 2012 08:00 PM] Derren said:
Awesome post you guys! So many great moments, and loving that last shot! You guys rock!!
[September 21, 2012 06:05 PM] Brooke said:
Seriously! That is amazing! L O V E your work
July 31, 2012 Neal + Shelbie Married!
You remember Neal + Shelbie :)

weber_w_007.jpg weber_w_008b.jpg weber_w_005.jpg weber_w_006.jpg weber_w_003.jpg weber_w_004.jpg weber_w_001.jpg weber_w_002.jpg weber_w_009.jpg weber_w_010.jpg weber_w_011.jpg weber_w_012.jpg weber_w_017.jpg weber_w_020.jpg weber_w_021.jpg weber_w_084b.jpg weber_w_023.jpg weber_w_024.jpg weber_w_025.jpg weber_w_026.jpg weber_w_027.jpg weber_w_028.jpg weber_w_029.jpg weber_w_030.jpg weber_w_031.jpg weber_w_032.jpg weber_w_033.jpg weber_w_034.jpg weber_w_035.jpg weber_w_037.jpg weber_w_038.jpg weber_w_039.jpg weber_w_041.jpg weber_w_042.jpg weber_w_043.jpg weber_w_044.jpg weber_w_045.jpg weber_w_046.jpg weber_w_047.jpg weber_w_117.jpg weber_w_048.jpg weber_w_049.jpg weber_w_050.jpg weber_w_051.jpg weber_w_052.jpg weber_w_053.jpg weber_w_054.jpg weber_w_055.jpg weber_w_312.jpg weber_w_056.jpg weber_w_057.jpg weber_w_058.jpg weber_w_059.jpg weber_w_060.jpg weber_w_061.jpg weber_w_062.jpg weber_w_063b.jpg weber_w_064.jpg weber_w_065.jpg weber_w_066.jpg weber_w_067.jpg weber_w_068.jpg weber_w_069.jpg weber_w_070.jpg weber_w_071.jpg weber_w_072.jpg weber_w_073.jpg weber_w_074.jpg weber_w_075.jpg weber_w_077b.jpg weber_w_078.jpg weber_w_079.jpg weber_w_080.jpg weber_w_081.jpg weber_w_082.jpg weber_w_083.jpg weber_w_084.jpg weber_w_085.jpg weber_w_086.jpg weber_w_087.jpg weber_w_088.jpg weber_w_089.jpg weber_w_090.jpg weber_w_091.jpg weber_w_092.jpg
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April 29, 2012 Chris + Jan Teaser!

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April 9, 2012 Tom + Rachel Married!

lam_w_b_001b.jpg lam_w_b_002.jpg lam_w_b_003.jpg lam_w_b_004.jpg lam_w_b_005.jpg lam_w_b_006.jpg lam_w_b_007.jpg lam_w_b_008.jpg lam_w_b_009.jpg lam_w_b_010.jpg lam_w_b_011.jpg lam_w_b_012.jpg lam_w_b_013.jpg lam_w_b_014.jpg lam_w_b_015.jpg lam_w_b_016.jpg lam_w_b_017.jpg lam_w_b_018.jpg lam_w_b_019.jpg lam_w_b_020.jpg lam_w_b_021.jpg lam_w_b_022.jpg lam_w_b_023.jpg lam_w_b_024.jpg lam_w_b_025.jpg lam_w_b_026.jpg lam_w_b_027.jpg lam_w_b_028.jpg lam_w_b_029.jpg lam_w_b_030.jpg lam_w_b_031.jpg lam_w_b_032.jpg lam_w_b_033.jpg lam_w_b_034.jpg lam_w_b_035.jpg lam_w_b_036.jpg lam_w_b_037.jpg lam_w_b_038.jpg lam_w_b_039.jpg lam_w_b_040.jpg lam_w_b_041.jpg lam_w_b_042.jpg lam_w_b_043.jpg lam_w_b_044.jpg lam_w_b_045.jpg lam_w_b_046.jpg lam_w_b_047.jpg lam_w_b_048.jpg lam_w_b_049.jpg lam_w_b_050.jpg lam_w_b_051.jpg lam_w_b_052.jpg lam_w_b_053.jpg lam_w_b_054.jpg lam_w_b_055.jpg lam_w_b_056.jpg lam_w_b_057.jpg lam_w_b_058.jpg lam_w_b_059.jpg lam_w_b_060.jpg Check out the wedding video Paco and I did while also shooting the wedding!
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[April 9, 2012 05:42 PM] Lisa said:
LOVE the portraits you captured! What a sweet and fun wedding. Well done, guys!!
[May 19, 2012 07:51 AM] Rebecca said:
This is a stunning wedding! The first picture is breath taking!!!
March 16, 2012 Alfonso + Karen
What a fun wedding this was! The ceremony was held at the Napa Valley Wine Train station then we all boarded the wine train for a fancy cocktail hour and amazing dinner. After the 2 hour train ride of fun we arrived at the train station for the reception.

maciel_b_001.gif maciel_b_002.jpg maciel_b_003.jpg maciel_b_004.jpg maciel_b_005.jpg maciel_b_006.jpg maciel_b_007.jpg maciel_b_008.jpg maciel_b_009.jpg maciel_b_010.jpg maciel_b_011.jpg maciel_b_012.jpg maciel_b_013.jpg maciel_b_014.jpg maciel_b_015.jpg maciel_b_016.jpg maciel_b_017.jpg maciel_b_018.jpg maciel_b_019.jpg maciel_b_020.jpg maciel_b_021.jpg maciel_b_028.jpg maciel_b_029.jpg maciel_b_022.jpg maciel_b_023.jpg maciel_b_024.jpg maciel_b_025.jpg maciel_b_026.jpg maciel_b_027.jpg maciel_b_030.jpg maciel_b_031.jpg maciel_b_032.jpg maciel_b_033.jpg
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March 7, 2012 Clive + Jen Married!
City Hall in San Francisco + Embarcadero + Lunch at Americano + Amazing couple = WINNING!

over_b_001.jpg over_b_002b.jpg over_b_003.jpg over_b_004.jpg over_b_005.jpg over_b_006.jpg over_b_007.jpg over_b_008.jpg over_b_009.jpg over_b_010.jpg over_b_011.jpg over_b_012.jpg over_b_013.jpg over_b_014.jpg over_b_015.jpg over_b_016.jpg over_b_017.jpg over_b_018.jpg over_b_019.jpg over_b_020.jpg over_b_021.jpg over_b_022.jpg over_b_023.jpg over_b_024.jpg over_b_025.jpg over_b_026.jpg over_b_027.jpg over_b_028.jpg over_b_029.jpg over_b_030.jpg over_b_031.jpg over_b_032.jpg over_b_033.jpg over_b_034.jpg over_b_035.jpg over_b_036.jpg over_b_037.jpg over_b_038.jpg over_b_039.jpg over_b_040.jpg over_b_041.jpg over_b_042.jpg over_b_043.jpg over_b_044.jpg over_b_045.jpg over_b_046.jpg over_b_047.jpg over_b_048.jpg over_b_049.jpg over_b_050.jpg over_b_051.jpg over_b_052.jpg over_b_053.jpg over_b_054.jpg
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[March 7, 2012 03:30 PM] Alison Okabayashi said:
LOVE this! The color is so amazing! Job well done!
[March 8, 2012 01:14 AM] Brooke. said:
OMG amazing work, I love the tones, texture, lighting mood everything
[March 13, 2012 10:49 AM] kpaz said:
Somehow I missed this post?!?! love, love, love it!!
March 2, 2012 Zeb + Samantha Married!
What a fun + intimate wedding...but we would not have expected any less from this cool, artsy San Francisco couple!

Zeb + Sam got married in Calistoga Ranch which is a luxury resort tucked into a private canyon in Upper Napa Valley. The lovely and talented Alyssa Brown from Alison Events designed this dreamy wedding and two of our favorite details were the uniquely sweet boquets by Natalie Bowen Designs and the wildly talented band Frisky Frolics.

Be sure to also stop by Green Wedding Shoes, one of our all-time favorite wedding blogs out there, to see what they posted about this wedding.

goodell_w_001.jpg goodell_w_002.jpg goodell_w_003b.jpg goodell_w_004.jpg goodell_w_005.jpg goodell_w_006.jpg goodell_w_007.jpg goodell_w_008.jpg goodell_w_009.jpg goodell_w_010.jpg goodell_w_011.jpg goodell_w_012.jpg goodell_w_013.jpg goodell_w_014.jpg goodell_w_015.jpg goodell_w_016.jpg goodell_w_017.jpg goodell_w_018.jpg goodell_w_019.jpg goodell_w_020.jpg goodell_w_021.jpg goodell_w_022.jpg goodell_w_023.jpg goodell_w_024.jpg goodell_w_025.jpg goodell_w_026.jpg goodell_w_027.jpg goodell_w_028.jpg goodell_w_029.jpg goodell_w_030.jpg goodell_w_031.jpg goodell_w_032.jpg goodell_w_033.jpg goodell_w_034.jpg goodell_w_035.jpg goodell_w_036.jpg goodell_w_037.jpg goodell_w_038.jpg goodell_w_039.jpg goodell_w_040.jpg goodell_w_041b.jpg goodell_w_042.jpg goodell_w_043.jpg goodell_w_044.jpg goodell_w_045.jpg goodell_w_046.jpg goodell_w_047.jpg goodell_w_048.jpg goodell_w_049.jpg goodell_w_050.jpg goodell_w_051.jpg goodell_w_052.jpg goodell_w_053.jpg goodell_w_054.jpg goodell_w_055.jpg goodell_w_056.jpg goodell_w_057.jpg goodell_w_058.jpg goodell_w_059.jpg
Comments (4) Add a Comment Trackbacks
[March 2, 2012 11:31 AM] zeb goodell said:
They look awesome! Thanks again guys for doing such a great job.
[March 2, 2012 12:36 PM] Lisa said:
There is so much to love about this wedding and you guys captured it perfectly! Love the first look shots! Well done, guys. Oh, and the dog is amazing. :)
[March 5, 2012 11:48 AM] Tiffany M said:
Wow, what a gorgeous wedding! You guys keep getting better and better!
[April 9, 2012 10:01 PM] Brazilian men said:
wonderful..Nice photos..
February 17, 2012 Jason + color
Part 3 in color!

We knew the moment we first met Jason + Summer that they were going to be amazing in front of the camera. Everything rocked from their fun and inspiring engagement session to their exciting 1920's dress-up-style wedding!

Everything about this backyard Calistoga wedding was centered around how loved the bride & groom were. Everyone was so wonderful and full of life and joy and love for one another.

As photographers, the images we capture are somewhat reliant on how comfortable our subjects are with us and as perfect strangers to everyone there, we were still treated like family. Needless to say...BEST PICTURES EVER! :)

lazarou_clr_blog_001.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_002.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_003.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_004.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_005.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_006.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_007.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_008.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_009.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_010.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_011.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_012.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_014.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_015.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_016.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_017.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_018.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_019.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_020.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_021.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_022.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_023.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_024.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_025.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_026.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_027.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_028.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_029.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_030.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_031.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_032.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_033.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_034.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_035.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_036.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_037.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_038.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_039.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_040.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_041.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_042.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_043.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_044.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_045.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_013.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_046.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_047.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_048.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_049.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_050.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_051.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_052.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_053.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_054.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_055.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_056.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_057.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_058.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_059.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_060.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_061.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_062.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_063.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_064.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_065.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_066.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_067.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_068.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_069.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_070.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_071.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_072.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_073.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_074.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_075.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_076.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_077.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_078.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_079.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_080.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_081.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_082.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_083.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_084.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_085.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_086.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_087.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_088.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_089.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_090.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_091.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_092.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_093.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_094.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_095.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_096.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_097.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_098.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_099.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_100.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_101.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_102.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_103.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_104.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_105.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_106.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_107.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_108.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_109.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_110.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_111.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_112.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_113.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_114.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_115.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_116.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_117.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_118.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_119.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_120.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_121.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_122.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_123.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_124.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_125.jpg lazarou_clr_blog_126.jpg
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[February 20, 2012 07:03 AM] Derren said:
Just as many awesome shots in color! Wow, you guys seriously rocked this one!!
Part 2 of Jason + Summer's fun and inspiring backyard Calistoga wedding! The next set will be the pretty colored images.

Happy Wednesday!

lazarou_bw_b_001.jpg lazarou_bw_b_002.jpg lazarou_bw_b_007.jpg lazarou_bw_b_005.jpg lazarou_bw_b_008.jpg lazarou_bw_b_006.jpg lazarou_bw_b_011.jpg lazarou_bw_b_012.jpg lazarou_bw_b_013.jpg lazarou_bw_b_014.jpg lazarou_bw_b_015.jpg lazarou_bw_b_016.jpg lazarou_bw_b_017.jpg lazarou_bw_b_018.jpg lazarou_bw_b_019.jpg lazarou_bw_b_020.jpg lazarou_bw_b_021.jpg lazarou_bw_b_022.jpg lazarou_bw_b_023.jpg lazarou_bw_b_024.jpg lazarou_bw_b_025.jpg lazarou_bw_b_026.jpg lazarou_bw_b_027.jpg lazarou_bw_b_028.jpg lazarou_bw_b_029.jpg lazarou_bw_b_030.jpg lazarou_bw_b_031.jpg lazarou_bw_b_032.jpg lazarou_bw_b_033.jpg lazarou_bw_b_034.jpg lazarou_bw_b_035.jpg lazarou_bw_b_036.jpg lazarou_bw_b_037.jpg lazarou_bw_b_038.jpg lazarou_bw_b_039.jpg lazarou_bw_b_040.jpg lazarou_bw_b_041.jpg lazarou_bw_b_042.jpg lazarou_bw_b_043.jpg lazarou_bw_b_044.jpg lazarou_bw_b_045.jpg lazarou_bw_b_046.jpg lazarou_bw_b_047.jpg lazarou_bw_b_048.jpg lazarou_bw_b_049.jpg lazarou_bw_b_050.jpg lazarou_bw_b_051.jpg lazarou_bw_b_052.jpg lazarou_bw_b_053.jpg lazarou_bw_b_054.jpg lazarou_bw_b_055.jpg lazarou_bw_b_056.jpg lazarou_bw_b_057.jpg lazarou_bw_b_058.jpg lazarou_bw_b_059.jpg lazarou_bw_b_060.jpg lazarou_bw_b_061.jpg lazarou_bw_b_062.jpg lazarou_bw_b_063.jpg lazarou_bw_b_064.jpg lazarou_bw_b_065.jpg lazarou_bw_b_066.jpg lazarou_bw_b_067.jpg lazarou_bw_b_068.jpg lazarou_bw_b_069.jpg lazarou_bw_b_070.jpg lazarou_bw_b_071.jpg lazarou_bw_b_072.jpg lazarou_bw_b_073.jpg lazarou_bw_b_074.jpg lazarou_bw_b_075.jpg lazarou_bw_b_076.jpg lazarou_bw_b_077.jpg lazarou_bw_b_078.jpg lazarou_bw_b_079.jpg lazarou_bw_b_080.jpg lazarou_bw_b_081.jpg lazarou_bw_b_082.jpg lazarou_bw_b_083.jpg lazarou_bw_b_084.jpg lazarou_bw_b_085.jpg lazarou_bw_b_086.jpg lazarou_bw_b_087.jpg lazarou_bw_b_088.jpg lazarou_bw_b_089.jpg lazarou_bw_b_090.jpg lazarou_bw_b_092.jpg lazarou_bw_b_093.jpg lazarou_bw_b_094.jpg lazarou_bw_b_095.jpg lazarou_bw_b_096.jpg lazarou_bw_b_097.jpg lazarou_bw_b_098.jpg lazarou_bw_b_099.jpg lazarou_bw_b_100.jpg lazarou_bw_b_101.jpg lazarou_bw_b_102.jpg lazarou_bw_b_103.jpg lazarou_bw_b_104.jpg lazarou_bw_b_105.jpg lazarou_bw_b_106.jpg lazarou_bw_b_107.jpg lazarou_bw_b_108.jpg lazarou_bw_b_109.jpg lazarou_bw_b_110.jpg lazarou_bw_b_111.jpg lazarou_bw_b_112.jpg lazarou_bw_b_113.jpg lazarou_bw_b_114.jpg lazarou_bw_b_115.jpg lazarou_bw_b_116.jpg lazarou_bw_b_117.jpg
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[February 8, 2012 05:48 PM] Lisa said:
Whoa!! Nice work, you two! Great coverage and creative perspectives. Lots of favorites here. :)
[February 14, 2012 01:57 PM] Derren said:
This is awesome work you two! Such amazing coverage, and so many great moments and wonderful perspectives. Loving it!! Some of your best work!
laz_blog_001.jpg laz_blog_002.jpg laz_blog_003.jpg laz_blog_004.jpg laz_blog_005.jpg laz_blog_006.jpg laz_blog_007.jpg laz_blog_008.jpg laz_blog_009.jpg laz_blog_010.jpg laz_blog_011.jpg laz_blog_012.jpg laz_blog_013.jpg laz_blog_014.jpg laz_blog_015.jpg laz_blog_016.jpg laz_blog_017.jpg laz_blog_018.jpg laz_blog_019.jpg laz_blog_020.jpg laz_blog_021.jpg laz_blog_022.jpg laz_blog_023.jpg laz_blog_024.jpg laz_blog_025.jpg laz_blog_026.jpg

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[February 8, 2012 08:41 AM] Sophie said:
These are great! Look forward to seeing the wedding shots too!
August 24, 2011 Hai + Camille...teasers :)
tran_teasers_006.jpg tran_teasers_007.jpg

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June 6, 2011 Clive + Jen...TEASER!

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[June 7, 2011 10:36 AM] Rachna said:
[June 7, 2011 06:38 PM] Lisa said:
What?!? That's awesome, guys! :)
[June 12, 2011 02:13 AM] Sophie said:
Can't wait to see the whole story!
Justin + Jamie are two very cool, very talented and very humorous individuals. The world is a better place now that these two are united in all their amazingness! Here's to our new friends who continue to amaze and inspire us every day!

Special thanks to Alison Events for designing such a beautiful wedding for Justin + Jamie to get married at and for us to photograph. The table "number" paintings were done by Justin + Jamie . If you are interested in something like this for your wedding or event you can contact Jamie.

jj_blog_001.jpg jj_blog_002.jpg jj_blog_003.jpg jj_blog_005.jpg jj_blog_006.jpg jj_blog_007.jpg jj_blog_008.jpg jj_blog_009.jpg jj_blog_010.jpg jj_blog_011.jpg jj_blog_012.jpg jj_blog_013.jpg jj_blog_014.jpg jj_blog_015.jpg jj_blog_016.jpg jj_blog_017.jpg jj_blog_018.jpg jj_blog_019.jpg jj_blog_020.jpg jj_blog_021.jpg jj_blog_022.jpg jj_blog_023.jpg jj_blog_024.jpg jj_blog_025.jpg jj_blog_026.jpg jj_blog_027.jpg jj_blog_028.jpg jj_blog_029.jpg jj_blog_030.jpg jj_blog_031.jpg jj_blog_032.jpg jj_blog_033.jpg jj_blog_034.jpg jj_blog_035.jpg jj_blog_036.jpg jj_blog_037.jpg jj_blog_038.jpg jj_blog_039.jpg jj_blog_040.jpg jj_blog_041.jpg jj_blog_042.jpg jj_blog_043.jpg jj_blog_044.jpg
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[May 23, 2011 03:06 PM] Marie said:
[May 24, 2011 11:51 AM] Gabbie said:
The location is gorgeous!
[May 25, 2011 11:21 AM] Jamie Jones said:
Each one of these is a treasure. So thoughtful!
[May 30, 2011 10:43 PM] Lisa said:
Oh, wow, guys! Awesome work! We loved every one.
[June 4, 2011 09:57 AM] carlie said:
So much beauty and fun, so well these!
[June 4, 2011 08:40 PM] Heather said:
I'm curious where the dress is from. It's simple and lovely.
[June 11, 2011 10:27 AM] Anonymous said:
Wow, stunning wedding, beautifully photographed!!
We love when we get featured on!


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January 12, 2011 Jon + JoAnn Married!
We are so thrilled to have been a part of Jon + JoAnn's wedding at Nestldown in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. Jon + JoAnn are some of the NICEST people on earth and we just love how JoAnn and her brother designed her wedding with a 1920's theme. They even had adorable little boys dressed up as paper boys delivering all the guests programs. My favorite though, were the succulent flowers in the brides hair and bouquet. It was so pretty and original! Special thanks to Details by Design Events for helping to make this all happen. Stay tuned for the video...

jj_blog_001.jpg jj_blog_002.jpg jj_blog_003.jpg jj_blog_004.jpg jj_blog_006.jpg jj_blog_005.jpg jj_blog_014.jpg jj_blog_015.jpg jj_blog_009.jpg jj_blog_010.jpg jj_blog_008.jpg jj_blog_011.jpg jj_blog_012.jpg jj_blog_013.jpg jj_blog_017.jpg jj_blog_016.jpg jj_blog_018.jpg jj_blog_019.jpg jj_blog_021.jpg jj_blog_022.jpg jj_blog_023.jpg jj_blog_024.jpg jj_blog_025.jpg jj_blog_026.jpg jj_blog_027.jpg jj_blog_028.jpg jj_blog_029.jpg jj_blog_030.jpg jj_blog_031.jpg jj_blog_032.jpg jj_blog_020.jpg jj_blog_033.jpg jj_blog_035.jpg jj_blog_034.jpg jj_blog_036.jpg jj_blog_037.jpg jj_blog_038.jpg jj_prcer_066b.jpg jj_blog_047.jpg jj_blog_038b.jpg jj_blog_039b.jpg jj_blog_040.jpg jj_blog_043.jpg jj_blog_041.jpg jj_blog_044.jpg jj_blog_045.jpg jj_blog_048.jpg jj_blog_046.jpg jj_blog_049.jpg jj_blog_050.jpg jj_blog_051.jpg jj_blog_065.jpg jj_blog_052.jpg jj_blog_053.jpg jj_blog_054.jpg jj_blog_055.jpg 1st favorite shot of the day! jj_blog_056.jpg jj_blog_057.jpg jj_blog_058.jpg jj_blog_059.jpg jj_blog_060.jpg jj_blog_063.jpg jj_blog_064.jpg 2nd favorite shot of the day! jj_blog_061.jpg jj_blog_062.jpg jj_blog_066.jpg jj_blog_068.jpg jj_blog_067.jpg jj_blog_069.jpg jj_blog_071.jpg jj_blog_073.jpg Cameo! jj_blog_074.jpg jj_blog_075.jpg jj_blog_076.jpg jj_blog_077.jpg jj_blog_078.jpg jj_blog_079.jpg jj_blog_080.jpg jj_blog_081.jpg jj_blog_082.jpg jj_blog_083.jpg jj_blog_084.jpg jj_blog_085.jpg jj_blog_086.jpg jj_blog_087.jpg jj_blog_088.jpg
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[January 13, 2011 11:17 AM] Gabbie said:
I love the ice cream truck shot!
[January 13, 2011 02:44 PM] Joseph said:
every shot is Super Magical :)
[January 13, 2011 05:09 PM] Flor said:
J+J, can we do it again? :-) Luv ya!
[January 13, 2011 07:23 PM] Chita Joaquin said:
Nice and unique! Good job!
[January 13, 2011 10:38 PM] Monica said:
Unforgettable event... love these images!
[January 18, 2011 12:01 AM] Tudor & Kat said:
great pics!!! can't wait to work with you both
[February 15, 2011 05:21 PM] lauren said:
love your dress! i saw that it's monique lhuillier, but any chance you could direct me to the dress itself??
October 15, 2009 Kevin + Patricia Married!
Kevin and Patricia are our dear friends and we are so so happy for them! You might remember their bomb diggity engagement shoot a few months back. Here's a recap of their wonderful day. Make sure to check out the slideshow at that end too!

ern_001.jpg ern_002.jpg ern_003.jpg ern_004.jpg ern_005.jpg ern_006.jpg ern_007.jpg ern_008.jpg ern_009.jpg ern_010.jpg ern_011.jpg ern_012.jpg ern_013.jpg ern_014.jpg ern_015.jpg ern_016.jpg ern_017.jpg ern_018.jpg ern_019.jpg ern_020.jpg ern_021.jpg ern_022.jpg ern_023.jpg ern_024.jpg ern_025.jpg ern_026.jpg ern_027.jpg ern_028.jpg ern_029.jpg ern_030.jpg ern_031.jpg ern_032.jpg ern_033.jpg ern_034.jpg ern_035.jpg ern_036.jpg ern_037.jpg ern_038.jpg ern_039.jpg ern_040.jpg ern_041.jpg ern_042.jpg ern_043.jpg ern_044.jpg ern_045.jpg ern_046.jpg ern_047.jpg ern_048.jpg ern_049.jpg ern_050.jpg ern_051.jpg ern_052.jpg ern_053.jpg ern_054.jpg ern_055.jpg
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[October 28, 2009 12:38 PM] Karina Paz said:
I love them!!! You're so good!
[October 28, 2009 04:55 PM] Anonymous said:
This is amazing work. As an event planner in the city I would recommend any of my clients to hire Paco and Betty. Thank you for capturing the moments.
[October 29, 2009 10:42 PM] Becca said:
guys - these are soooo extremely stunning. i cant even get over how beautiful. im especially in awe of the picture of the boys tugging on patricias dress - looks like it could be out of a magazine! amazing!!! -
September 22, 2009 Liz + Niels Married!
You might remember Niels and Liz from their engagement shoot a few shoots back. We really love this couple and their wedding was so much fun and not to mention, so beautiful to shoot. First stop, the wedding: at Marin Art and Garden Center. Next stop, the reception: downtown San Francisco at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. (Linda Hylen is the best event coordinator!) Both locations were epic and dreamy for any photographer, lucky it was us!

kv_wed_blog001.jpg kv_wed_blog002.jpg kv_wed_blog003.jpg kv_wed_blog004.jpg kv_wed_blog005.jpg kv_wed_blog006.jpg kv_wed_blog007.jpg kv_wed_blog008.jpg kv_wed_blog010.jpg kv_wed_blog012.jpg kv_wed_blog013.jpg kv_wed_blog014.jpg kv_wed_blog015.jpg kv_wed_blog016.jpg kv_wed_blog017.jpg kv_wed_blog019.jpg kv_wed_blog020.jpg kv_wed_blog021.jpg kv_wed_blog022.jpg kv_wed_blog023.jpg kv_wed_blog024.jpg kv_wed_blog025.jpg kv_wed_blog026.jpg kv_wed_blog028.jpg kv_wed_blog031.jpg kv_wed_blog032.jpg kv_wed_blog033.jpg kv_wed_blog034.jpg kv_wed_blog035.jpg kv_wed_blog030.jpg kv_wed_blog036.jpg kv_wed_blog037.jpg kv_wed_blog038.jpg kv_wed_blog039.jpg kv_wed_blog040.jpg kv_wed_blog041.jpg
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[September 22, 2009 08:07 PM] Don Neumark said:
Where's the wet bride in the ocean picture?
[October 12, 2009 04:56 AM] Waleed said:
These pictures are tooooooooooooo cool..
May 23, 2009 Sam + Masha Married!

Ahhh, Chicken Squirrel is all growns up. *cricket *cricket

We had so much fun shooting this wedding for our good friends and fellow artists Sam and Masha. The day started with sun showers and got better and better. They bring the COOL every single time because they are cool, they ooze cool. YEAH! 

crayne_wed_blog_001.jpg crayne_wed_blog_002.jpg crayne_wed_blog_003.jpg crayne_wed_blog_004.jpg crayne_wed_blog_005.jpg crayne_wed_blog_006.jpg crayne_wed_blog_007.jpg crayne_wed_blog_008.jpg crayne_wed_blog_009.jpg crayne_wed_blog_010.jpg crayne_wed_blog_011.jpg crayne_wed_blog_012.jpg crayne_wed_blog_016.jpg crayne_wed_blog_014.jpg crayne_wed_blog_015.jpg crayne_wed_blog_018.jpg crayne_wed_blog_019.jpg crayne_wed_blog_020.jpg crayne_wed_blog_021.jpg crayne_wed_blog_022.jpg crayne_wed_blog_023.jpg crayne_wed_blog_024.jpg crayne_wed_blog_025.jpg crayne_wed_blog_026.jpg crayne_wed_blog_027.jpg
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[May 23, 2009 01:11 PM] gabbie said:
these are fabulous!!!!!!
[May 23, 2009 08:08 PM] mfmg said:
Nice work. Want to come to Boise Idaho for a wedding next year?
sm_fb_blog001.jpg sm_fb_blog002.jpg sm_fb_blog003.jpg sm_fb_blog004.jpg sm_fb_blog005.jpg sm_fb_blog006.jpg sm_fb_blog007.jpg sm_fb_blog008.jpg sm_fb_blog009.jpg sm_fb_blog010.jpg sm_fb_blog011.jpg sm_fb_blog012.jpg sm_fb_blog013.jpg sm_fb_blog014.jpg sm_fb_blog015.jpg sm_fb_blog016.jpg sm_fb_blog017.jpg sm_fb_blog018.jpg sm_fb_blog019.jpg sm_fb_blog020.jpg sm_fb_blog021.jpg sm_fb_blog022.jpg sm_fb_blog023.jpg sm_fb_blog024.jpg sm_fb_blog025.jpg sm_fb_blog026.jpg

2 Girls 1 Cupcake

sm_fb_blog027.jpg sm_fb_blog028.jpg sm_fb_blog029.jpg sm_fb_blog030.jpg sm_fb_blog031.jpg
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[April 21, 2009 10:31 AM] Taryn McCabe said:
I LOVE IT! Looks like you have been very hard at work. That two girls one cupcake is too funny!
[April 21, 2009 11:56 AM] Yvette Bellamy said:
ROCK ON! I know some of those people... and I'm jealous of the fun y'all are having!
[May 9, 2009 06:34 PM] Brianna said:
These are awesome - I love every single one - they're so much fun!