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A modern vintage wedding with bold pops of color, set in a warehouse filled with antiques? Yes please!!!

Ceremony - Esprit Park
Reception - Big Daddy's Antiques
Stationary - Naglee Paper Products
Caterers/Bar - Gastronaut / Tonic Bar
Floral Design and Coordination - Details by Design

sardella_003b.jpg sardella_w_b_002b.jpg sardella_w_b_002c.jpg sardella_w_b_001.jpg sardella_w_b_003.jpg sardella_w_b_004.jpg sardella_w_b_005.jpg sardella_w_b_007.jpg sardella_w_b_008.jpg sardella_w_b_010.jpg sardella_w_b_011.jpg sardella_w_b_012.jpg sardella_w_b_013.jpg sardella_w_b_014.jpg sardella_w_b_015.jpg sardella_w_b_017.jpg sardella_w_b_019.jpg sardella_w_b_020.jpg sardella_w_b_021.jpg sardella_w_b_022.jpg sardella_w_b_023.jpg sardella_w_b_024.jpg sardella_w_b_025b.jpg sardella_w_b_026.jpg sardella_w_b_027.jpg sardella_w_b_028.jpg sardella_w_b_029.jpg sardella_w_b_030.jpg sardella_w_b_031.jpg sardella_w_b_032.jpg sardella_w_b_033.jpg sardella_w_b_034.jpg sardella_w_b_035.jpg sardella_w_b_036.jpg sardella_w_b_037.jpg sardella_w_b_038.jpg sardella_w_b_039.jpg sardella_w_b_040.jpg sardella_w_b_041.jpg sardella_w_b_042.jpg sardella_w_b_043.jpg sardella_w_b_044.jpg sardella_w_b_045.jpg sardella_w_b_046.jpg sardella_w_b_047.jpg sardella_w_b_048.jpg sardella_w_b_049.jpg sardella_w_b_050.jpg sardella_w_b_051.jpg sardella_w_b_052.jpg sardella_w_b_053.jpg sardella_w_b_054.jpg sardella_w_b_055.jpg sardella_w_b_056.jpg sardella_w_b_057.jpg sardella_w_b_058.jpg sardella_w_b_059.jpg sardella_w_b_060.jpg sardella_w_b_061.jpg sardella_w_b_062.jpg sardella_w_b_063.jpg sardella_w_b_064.jpg sardella_w_b_065.jpg sardella_w_b_066.jpg sardella_w_b_067.jpg sardella_w_b_068b.jpg sardella_w_b_069b.jpg sardella_w_b_070.jpg sardella_w_b_071.jpg sardella_w_b_072.jpg sardella_w_b_073.jpg sardella_w_b_074.jpg sardella_w_b_075.jpg sardella_w_b_076.jpg sardella_w_b_077b.jpg sardella_w_b_078.jpg sardella_w_b_079.jpg sardella_w_b_080.jpg sardella_w_b_081.jpg sardella_w_b_082.jpg sardella_w_b_083.jpg sardella_w_b_084.jpg sardella_w_b_085.jpg sardella_w_b_086.jpg sardella_w_b_087.jpg sardella_w_b_088.jpg sardella_w_b_089.jpg sardella_w_b_090.jpg
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[April 14, 2013 12:43 AM] pinky said:
wow amaziing shots! Love the details!
[April 18, 2013 03:20 PM] Angela said:
This has to be the most beautifully artistic wedding I've ever seen! So inspiring!
Ben and Candice are a fun + artsy San Francisco couple who wanted to add a little vintage flair to their engagement shoot, which is a preemptive to their wedding at Big Daddy's Antique Shop coming up this month. We are beyond excited!

ben_can_b_001.jpg ben_can_b_002.jpg ben_can_b_003.jpg ben_can_b_004.jpg ben_can_b_005.jpg ben_can_b_006.jpg ben_can_b_007.jpg ben_can_b_010.jpg ben_can_b_008.jpg ben_can_b_009.jpg ben_can_b_013.jpg ben_can_b_012.jpg ben_can_b_014.jpg ben_can_b_011.jpg ben_can_b_015.jpg ben_can_b_016.jpg ben_can_b_017.jpg ben_can_b_018.jpg ben_can_b_019.jpg ben_can_b_020.jpg ben_can_b_022.jpg ben_can_b_021.jpg ben_can_b_023.jpg ben_can_b_024.jpg ben_can_b_025.jpg ben_can_b_026.jpg ben_can_b_027.jpg ben_can_b_028.jpg ben_can_b_029.jpg ben_can_b_030.jpg ben_can_b_031.jpg ben_can_b_032.jpg ben_can_b_033.jpg ben_can_b_034.jpg ben_can_b_035.jpg Check out the video we made too!
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[March 9, 2012 05:39 PM] kathy martinez said:
Ben and Candice, So excited!!!! Cant wait..... love the pictures. Dottie is counting the days down. See you soon. Lots of love Kathy and Dottie
[March 12, 2012 10:47 AM] Lisa said:
Lovin' the vibe of this shoot! The shadow shots and the no parking sign shots are awesome. Way to go, p&b!!
[March 13, 2012 08:19 AM] Ben said:
P&B, 2 of my new favorite peeps! I linked to this on my Facebook page and it absolutely blew up with comments and likes - you guys are amazing people & artists, we both are so excited and happy we made the decision to make you a part of this experience for us ;-) PS: Can't wait till I see myself in slow motion on the engagement video haha
[March 13, 2012 06:19 PM] Candice said:
Paco & Betty! Oh my God! It was love at first sight for me! As soon as I saw your work, I knew I had to have you! There was this instant connection, I knew Paco & Betty would be able to express the love Ben and I have through photographs. This engagement shoot is only the beginning. I've loved and trusted your creativeness and artful eye from the start. I'm so unbelievably happy that we get to work with such an amazing couple. Can't wait for our big day! We heart you guys!!
Talented, honest, inspiring and funny are our new friends, Justin + Jamie :)

jj_E_b_001.jpg jj_E_b_002.jpg jj_E_b_003.jpg jj_E_b_004.jpg jj_E_b_005.jpg jj_E_b_006.jpg jj_E_b_007.jpg jj_E_b_008.jpg jj_E_b_009.jpg jj_E_b_010.jpg jj_E_b_011.jpg jj_E_b_012.jpg jj_E_b_013.jpg jj_E_b_014.jpg jj_E_b_015.jpg jj_E_b_016.jpg jj_E_b_017.jpg jj_E_b_018.jpg jj_E_b_019.jpg jj_E_b_020.jpg jj_E_b_021.jpg jj_E_b_022.jpg jj_E_b_023.jpg jj_E_b_024.jpg jj_E_b_025.jpg jj_E_b_026.jpg jj_E_b_027.jpg jj_E_b_028.jpg jj_E_b_029.jpg jj_E_b_030.jpg jj_E_b_031.jpg jj_E_b_032.jpg jj_E_b_033.jpg jj_E_b_034.jpg jj_E_b_035.jpg jj_E_b_036.jpg jj_E_b_037.jpg
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[March 22, 2011 07:58 AM] paul said:
well done.
[March 22, 2011 11:15 AM] Benjamin said:
beautiful! you captured them in such a way that really makes me want to get to know them! great work!
[March 22, 2011 06:46 PM] Tiffany said:
Fun, Fun, Fun!
[March 24, 2011 03:24 PM] Gabbie said:
This is one of your bests to date.
[March 26, 2011 12:53 PM] Jacek said:
Love your style! The colours, the emotions, the energy! I'm jealous ;)
[April 15, 2011 05:26 AM] Desmond Louw said:
Awesome stuff dudes!
[May 6, 2011 08:39 PM] Jonathan Cooper said:
wow, wow, wow, wow, wow,..... i could go on, but that would just be one to many wows :) seriously epic e-shoot!