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OMG you guys!!! What an honor it is to be featured on our favorite wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes! This one is a double feature for us, highlighting our photography Paco and Betty AND our new wedding venue Hey Babe Ranch. We had the extreme honor of working with some mega talent on this shoot and special thanks to Dawn at Tularosa Flowers for knocking this one out of the park with her mega vision and floral installations. Big round of applause for everyone!

Click on the image below to see the feature!


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November 30, 2016 Hey Babe Ranch / Alpine, CA
This rustic boho inspired shoot was a dream to work on with such an amazing team of talented women who helped make it all happen and we hope you get just as inspired as we did creating it! 

{Disclaimer} We understand that there are sensitivities to Native American headdress appropriation. The headdress worn here is not Native American, it's simply feathers sewn on a piece of lace. We think it's beautiful and inspiring and we hope you do too!

Venue - Hey Babe Ranch 
Photography - Paco and Betty
Hair/ Make-up - Jenna Mitman
Styling - The Mintery 
Flowers - Kathy Matranga
Dream Catchers - Chic Boutique

HBR_stylesht_1__0098.jpg hbr_1_b_003.jpg hbr_1_b_004.jpg hbr_1_b_005.jpg hbr_1_b_006.jpg hbr_1_b_007.jpg hbr_1_b_008.jpg hbr_1_b_009.jpg hbr_1_b_010.jpg hbr_1_b_011.jpg hbr_1_b_012.jpg hbr_1_b_013.jpg hbr_1_b_014.jpg hbr_1_b_015.jpg hbr_1_b_016.jpg hbr_1_b_017.jpg hbr_1_b_018.jpg hbr_1_b_019.jpg hbr_1_b_020.jpg hbr_1_b_021.jpg hbr_1_b_022.jpg hbr_1_b_023.jpg hbr_1_b_024.jpg hbr_1_b_025.jpg hbr_1_b_026.jpg hbr_1_b_027.jpg hbr_1_b_028.jpg hbr_1_b_029.jpg hbr_1_b_030.jpg hbr_1_b_031.jpg hbr_1_b_032.jpg hbr_1_b_033.jpg
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montgomery_b_001.jpg montgomery_b_002.jpg montgomery_b_003.jpg montgomery_b_004.jpg montgomery_b_005.jpg montgomery_b_006.jpg montgomery_b_007.jpg montgomery_b_008.jpg montgomery_b_009.jpg montgomery_b_010.jpg montgomery_b_011.jpg montgomery_b_012.jpg montgomery_b_013.jpg montgomery_b_014.jpg montgomery_b_015.jpg montgomery_b_016.jpg montgomery_b_017.jpg montgomery_b_018.jpg montgomery_b_019.jpg montgomery_b_020.jpg montgomery_b_021.jpg montgomery_b_023.jpg montgomery_b_024.jpg montgomery_b_025.jpg montgomery_b_026.jpg montgomery_b_027.jpg montgomery_b_028.jpg montgomery_b_029.jpg montgomery_b_030.jpg montgomery_b_031.jpg montgomery_b_032.jpg montgomery_b_033.jpg montgomery_b_034.jpg montgomery_b_035.jpg montgomery_b_036.jpg montgomery_b_037.jpg montgomery_b_038.jpg montgomery_b_039.jpg montgomery_b_040.jpg montgomery_b_041.jpg montgomery_b_042.jpg montgomery_b_043.jpg montgomery_b_044.jpg montgomery_b_045.jpg montgomery_b_046.jpg montgomery_b_047.jpg montgomery_b_048.jpg montgomery_b_049.jpg montgomery_b_050.jpg montgomery_b_051.jpg montgomery_b_052.jpg montgomery_b_053.jpg montgomery_b_054.jpg montgomery_b_055.jpg montgomery_b_056.jpg montgomery_b_057.jpg montgomery_b_058.jpg montgomery_b_059.jpg montgomery_b_060.jpg montgomery_b_061.jpg montgomery_b_062.jpg montgomery_b_063.jpg montgomery_b_064.jpg montgomery_b_065.jpg montgomery_b_067.jpg montgomery_b_068.jpg montgomery_b_069.jpg montgomery_b_070.jpg montgomery_b_071.jpg montgomery_b_072.jpg montgomery_b_073.jpg montgomery_b_074.jpg montgomery_b_075.jpg montgomery_b_076.jpg montgomery_b_077.jpg montgomery_b_078.jpg montgomery_b_079.jpg montgomery_b_080.jpg montgomery_b_081.jpg montgomery_b_082.jpg montgomery_b_083.jpg montgomery_b_084.jpg montgomery_b_085.jpg montgomery_b_086.jpg montgomery_b_087.jpg montgomery_b_088.jpg montgomery_b_089.jpg
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[May 9, 2016 05:49 PM] Yanira Piedra said:
Love! What a beautiful location :) These photos are incredible, as usual!!!!
Loved shooting this beautiful couple at Flora Grub Gardens in San Francisco!

ja_b_001.jpg ja_b_002.jpg ja_b_003.jpg ja_b_004.jpg ja_b_005.jpg ja_b_006.jpg ja_b_007.jpg ja_b_008.jpg ja_b_009.jpg ja_b_010.jpg ja_b_011.jpg ja_b_012.jpg ja_b_013.jpg ja_b_014.jpg ja_b_015.jpg ja_b_016.jpg ja_b_017.jpg ja_b_018.jpg ja_b_019.jpg ja_b_020.jpg ja_b_021.jpg ja_b_022.jpg ja_b_023.jpg ja_b_024.jpg ja_b_025.jpg ja_b_026.jpg ja_b_027.jpg ja_b_028.jpg ja_b_029.jpg ja_b_030.jpg ja_b_031.jpg ja_b_032.jpg ja_b_033.jpg
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