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Kevin and Patricia are our dear friends and we are so so happy for them! You might remember their bomb diggity engagement shoot a few months back. Here's a recap of their wonderful day. Make sure to check out the slideshow at that end too!

ern_001.jpg ern_002.jpg ern_003.jpg ern_004.jpg ern_005.jpg ern_006.jpg ern_007.jpg ern_008.jpg ern_009.jpg ern_010.jpg ern_011.jpg ern_012.jpg ern_013.jpg ern_014.jpg ern_015.jpg ern_016.jpg ern_017.jpg ern_018.jpg ern_019.jpg ern_020.jpg ern_021.jpg ern_022.jpg ern_023.jpg ern_024.jpg ern_025.jpg ern_026.jpg ern_027.jpg ern_028.jpg ern_029.jpg ern_030.jpg ern_031.jpg ern_032.jpg ern_033.jpg ern_034.jpg ern_035.jpg ern_036.jpg ern_037.jpg ern_038.jpg ern_039.jpg ern_040.jpg ern_041.jpg ern_042.jpg ern_043.jpg ern_044.jpg ern_045.jpg ern_046.jpg ern_047.jpg ern_048.jpg ern_049.jpg ern_050.jpg ern_051.jpg ern_052.jpg ern_053.jpg ern_054.jpg ern_055.jpg

[October 28, 2009 12:38 PM] Karina Paz said:
I love them!!! You're so good!
[October 28, 2009 04:55 PM] Anonymous said:
This is amazing work. As an event planner in the city I would recommend any of my clients to hire Paco and Betty. Thank you for capturing the moments.
[October 29, 2009 10:42 PM] Becca said:
guys - these are soooo extremely stunning. i cant even get over how beautiful. im especially in awe of the picture of the boys tugging on patricias dress - looks like it could be out of a magazine! amazing!!! -