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Chris + Carla are grade school sweethearts who love everything Disney! You remember their awesome engagement shoot at Disneyland? We had so much fun then and so much fun shooting their wedding too! The details, the venue, the whole Disney was definitely MAGICAL :) Great job Wish Wonder Dream for making it all come alive.

cc_B_001.jpg cc_B_002.jpg cc_B_003.jpg cc_B_004.jpg cc_B_005.jpg cc_B_006.jpg cc_B_007.jpg cc_B_009.jpg cc_B_010.jpg cc_B_011.jpg cc_B_012.jpg cc_B_013.jpg cc_B_014.jpg cc_B_015.jpg cc_B_016.jpg cc_B_017.jpg cc_B_018.jpg cc_B_019.jpg cc_B_020.jpg cc_B_021.jpg cc_B_022.jpg cc_B_023.jpg cc_B_024.jpg cc_B_025.jpg cc_B_026.jpg cc_B_027.jpg cc_B_028.jpg cc_B_029.jpg cc_B_030.jpg cc_B_031.jpg cc_B_032.jpg cc_B_033.jpg cc_B_034.jpg cc_B_035.jpg cc_B_036.jpg cc_B_037.jpg cc_B_038.jpg cc_B_039.jpg cc_B_040.jpg cc_B_041.jpg cc_B_042.jpg cc_B_043.jpg cc_B_044.jpg cc_B_045.jpg cc_B_046.jpg cc_B_047.jpg cc_B_048.jpg cc_B_049.jpg cc_B_050.jpg cc_B_051.jpg cc_B_052.jpg cc_B_053.jpg cc_B_054.jpg cc_B_055.jpg cc_B_056.jpg cc_B_057.jpg cc_B_058.jpg cc_B_059.jpg cc_B_060.jpg cc_B_061.jpg cc_B_062.jpg cc_B_063.jpg cc_B_064.jpg

[October 13, 2011 10:23 AM] Christina Dely Photography said:
Beautiful images! I particularly love the portraits!
[October 13, 2011 11:06 AM] Melodie McAtee said:
OMG, how is she ever going to pick her favorites? So many fun ones, so many gorgeous ones (the sunset one -- uhmazing) ... simply stunning, as always!