"There are some things in life that intoxicate you, that touch a place deep in your soul, that resonate with the deeper mystery of the forces of life. Beauty can do that, whether it is the look in a woman's eye or the radiance of a carved statue in the flickering light of the prayer candles in a church. A delicate flower petal, or the stark brutal honesty of an animal skull. This is what inspired our most recent shoot and collaboration at Wolf Feather Honey Farm.  Those images of haunting beauty, inspired by the richness of Mexican Baroque Churches, flowers adorning the madonna, the grace of sleeping beauties languid in their flower bed, the inner poetry of a soul bathed in flowers, and the fleeting nature of all beauty, in the end only its memory lingering with us imprinted on the canvas of our souls."

~ Tularosa Flowers

What a collaboration this was! It was such and honor to work with Dawn of Tularosa Flowers once again and was so exciting to see what magical creation she came up with for me to shoot. And this one was of epic proportions, I mean she and Angela of The Mintery built a human NEST made of sticks and flowers you guys!!! The entire crew I had the privilege to work with are the most amazingly talented souls and the one and only Wolf Feather Honey Farm is one of THE COOLEST venues in SoCal!

venue Wolf Feather Honey Farm

florals / installation artist Tularosa Flowers

installation artist & design assistant The Mintery

hair / makeup Amy Russo models Lila & Isabelle

haunting_beauty_015.jpg haunting_beauty_005.jpg haunting_beauty_009.jpg haunting_beauty_007.jpg haunting_beauty_002.jpg haunting_beauty_004.jpg haunting_beauty_006.jpg haunting_beauty_008.jpg haunting_beauty_010.jpg haunting_beauty_011.jpg haunting_beauty_012.jpg haunting_beauty_013.jpg haunting_beauty_014.jpg haunting_beauty_016.jpg haunting_beauty_017.jpg haunting_beauty_018.jpg haunting_beauty_019.jpg haunting_beauty_020.jpg haunting_beauty_021.jpg haunting_beauty_022.jpg haunting_beauty_023.jpg haunting_beauty_024.jpg