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October 11, 2012 Doug + Ciji
Whenever I'm around Doug + Ciji I just feel happier! They have such a lightness in their personalities and their wedding day so fun!

Their ceremony was held at Presidio Chapel and reception at Golden Gate Club.
  madey_w_b_003.jpg madey_0001.jpg madey_w_b_005.jpg madey_w_b_006.jpg madey_w_b_008.jpg madey_w_b_009.jpg madey_w_b_010.jpg madey_w_b_011.jpg madey_w_b_013.jpg madey_w_b_014.jpg madey_w_b_015.jpg madey_w_b_016.jpg madey_w_b_017.jpg madey_w_b_018.jpg madey_w_b_019.jpg madey_w_b_020.jpg madey_w_b_021.jpg madey_w_b_022.jpg madey_w_b_023.jpg madey_w_b_024.jpg madey_w_b_025.jpg madey_w_b_026.jpg madey_w_b_027.jpg madey_w_b_028.jpg madey_w_b_029.jpg madey_w_b_030.jpg madey_w_b_031.jpg madey_w_b_032.jpg madey_w_b_033.jpg madey_w_b_034.jpg madey_w_b_035.jpg madey_w_b_036.jpg madey_w_b_037.jpg madey_w_b_038.jpg madey_w_b_039.jpg madey_w_b_040.jpg madey_w_b_041.jpg madey_w_b_042.jpg madey_w_b_043.jpg madey_w_b_044.jpg madey_w_b_045.jpg madey_w_b_046.jpg madey_w_b_047.jpg madey_w_b_048.jpg madey_w_b_049.jpg madey_w_b_050.jpg madey_w_b_051.jpg madey_w_b_052.jpg madey_w_b_053.jpg madey_w_b_054.jpg madey_w_b_055.jpg madey_w_b_056.jpg madey_w_b_057.jpg madey_w_b_058.jpg madey_w_b_059.jpg madey_w_b_060.jpg madey_w_b_061.jpg madey_w_b_062.jpg madey_w_b_063.jpg madey_w_b_064.jpg madey_w_b_065.jpg madey_w_b_066.jpg madey_w_b_067.jpg madey_w_b_068.jpg madey_w_b_069.jpg madey_w_b_070.jpg madey_w_b_071.jpg madey_w_b_072.jpg madey_w_b_073.jpg madey_w_b_074.jpg madey_w_b_075.jpg madey_w_b_076.jpg madey_w_b_077.jpg madey_w_b_078.jpg
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[December 13, 2012 03:10 AM] Trish said:
What gorgeous photos!
laz_blog_001.jpg laz_blog_002.jpg laz_blog_003.jpg laz_blog_004.jpg laz_blog_005.jpg laz_blog_006.jpg laz_blog_007.jpg laz_blog_008.jpg laz_blog_009.jpg laz_blog_010.jpg laz_blog_011.jpg laz_blog_012.jpg laz_blog_013.jpg laz_blog_014.jpg laz_blog_015.jpg laz_blog_016.jpg laz_blog_017.jpg laz_blog_018.jpg laz_blog_019.jpg laz_blog_020.jpg laz_blog_021.jpg laz_blog_022.jpg laz_blog_023.jpg laz_blog_024.jpg laz_blog_025.jpg laz_blog_026.jpg

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[February 8, 2012 08:41 AM] Sophie said:
These are great! Look forward to seeing the wedding shots too!
January 12, 2011 Jon + JoAnn Married!
We are so thrilled to have been a part of Jon + JoAnn's wedding at Nestldown in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. Jon + JoAnn are some of the NICEST people on earth and we just love how JoAnn and her brother designed her wedding with a 1920's theme. They even had adorable little boys dressed up as paper boys delivering all the guests programs. My favorite though, were the succulent flowers in the brides hair and bouquet. It was so pretty and original! Special thanks to Details by Design Events for helping to make this all happen. Stay tuned for the video...

jj_blog_001.jpg jj_blog_002.jpg jj_blog_003.jpg jj_blog_004.jpg jj_blog_006.jpg jj_blog_005.jpg jj_blog_014.jpg jj_blog_015.jpg jj_blog_009.jpg jj_blog_010.jpg jj_blog_008.jpg jj_blog_011.jpg jj_blog_012.jpg jj_blog_013.jpg jj_blog_017.jpg jj_blog_016.jpg jj_blog_018.jpg jj_blog_019.jpg jj_blog_021.jpg jj_blog_022.jpg jj_blog_023.jpg jj_blog_024.jpg jj_blog_025.jpg jj_blog_026.jpg jj_blog_027.jpg jj_blog_028.jpg jj_blog_029.jpg jj_blog_030.jpg jj_blog_031.jpg jj_blog_032.jpg jj_blog_020.jpg jj_blog_033.jpg jj_blog_035.jpg jj_blog_034.jpg jj_blog_036.jpg jj_blog_037.jpg jj_blog_038.jpg jj_prcer_066b.jpg jj_blog_047.jpg jj_blog_038b.jpg jj_blog_039b.jpg jj_blog_040.jpg jj_blog_043.jpg jj_blog_041.jpg jj_blog_044.jpg jj_blog_045.jpg jj_blog_048.jpg jj_blog_046.jpg jj_blog_049.jpg jj_blog_050.jpg jj_blog_051.jpg jj_blog_065.jpg jj_blog_052.jpg jj_blog_053.jpg jj_blog_054.jpg jj_blog_055.jpg 1st favorite shot of the day! jj_blog_056.jpg jj_blog_057.jpg jj_blog_058.jpg jj_blog_059.jpg jj_blog_060.jpg jj_blog_063.jpg jj_blog_064.jpg 2nd favorite shot of the day! jj_blog_061.jpg jj_blog_062.jpg jj_blog_066.jpg jj_blog_068.jpg jj_blog_067.jpg jj_blog_069.jpg jj_blog_071.jpg jj_blog_073.jpg Cameo! jj_blog_074.jpg jj_blog_075.jpg jj_blog_076.jpg jj_blog_077.jpg jj_blog_078.jpg jj_blog_079.jpg jj_blog_080.jpg jj_blog_081.jpg jj_blog_082.jpg jj_blog_083.jpg jj_blog_084.jpg jj_blog_085.jpg jj_blog_086.jpg jj_blog_087.jpg jj_blog_088.jpg
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[January 13, 2011 11:17 AM] Gabbie said:
I love the ice cream truck shot!
[January 13, 2011 02:44 PM] Joseph said:
every shot is Super Magical :)
[January 13, 2011 05:09 PM] Flor said:
J+J, can we do it again? :-) Luv ya!
[January 13, 2011 07:23 PM] Chita Joaquin said:
Nice and unique! Good job!
[January 13, 2011 10:38 PM] Monica said:
Unforgettable event... love these images!
[January 18, 2011 12:01 AM] Tudor & Kat said:
great pics!!! can't wait to work with you both
[February 15, 2011 05:21 PM] lauren said:
love your dress! i saw that it's monique lhuillier, but any chance you could direct me to the dress itself??
A Funbooth is basically a small portable studio with a white background, a big light and Marcellos "Paco" the art director/photographer :) We offer it for weddings, parties and any other event where we can all put on our silly hats and dance like nobody's watching. Here is Brooke and Uriel's FUNTASTIC FUNBOOTH! Stay tuned for the wedding...

bu_fb_001.jpg bu_fb_002.jpg bu_fb_003.jpg bu_fb_004.jpg bu_fb_005.jpg bu_fb_006.jpg bu_fb_007.jpg bu_fb_008.jpg bu_fb_009.jpg bu_fb_010.jpg bu_fb_011.jpg bu_fb_012.jpg bu_fb_013.jpg bu_fb_014.jpg bu_fb_015.jpg bu_fb_016.jpg bu_fb_017.jpg bu_fb_018.jpg bu_fb_019.jpg bu_fb_020.jpg bu_fb_021.jpg bu_fb_022.jpg bu_fb_023.jpg bu_fb_024.jpg bu_fb_025.jpg bu_fb_026.jpg bu_fb_027.jpg bu_fb_028.jpg bu_fb_029.jpg bu_fb_030.jpg bu_fb_031.jpg bu_fb_032.jpg bu_fb_033.jpg bu_fb_034.jpg bu_fb_035.jpg bu_fb_036.jpg bu_fb_037.jpg bu_fb_038.jpg bu_fb_039.jpg bu_fb_040.jpg bu_fb_041.jpg bu_fb_042.jpg bu_fb_043.jpg bu_fb_044.jpg bu_fb_045.jpg bu_fb_046.jpg bu_fb_047.jpg bu_fb_048.jpg bu_fb_049.jpg bu_fb_050.jpg bu_fb_051.jpg bu_fb_052.jpg bu_fb_053.jpg bu_fb_054.jpg bu_fb_056.jpg bu_fb_057.jpg _MG_2030.jpg _MG_2032.jpg bu_fb_058.jpg bu_fb_055.jpg
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[August 10, 2010 10:27 AM] jen howell said:
Your funbooth rocks!
[August 26, 2010 10:23 PM] Christina said:
One of the cutest funbooths ever!! Loved it!
January 20, 2010 The Dibble Funbooth!
You remember these guys... :)

dib_blog_001.jpg dib_blog_002.jpg dib_blog_003.jpg dib_blog_004.jpg dib_blog_005.jpg dib_blog_006.jpg dib_blog_007.jpg dib_blog_008.jpg dib_blog_009.jpg dib_blog_010.jpg dib_blog_011.jpg dib_blog_012.jpg dib_blog_013.jpg dib_blog_014.jpg dib_blog_015.jpg dib_blog_016.jpg dib_blog_017.jpg dib_blog_018.jpg dib_blog_019.jpg dib_blog_020.jpg dib_blog_021.jpg dib_blog_022.jpg dib_blog_023.jpg dib_blog_024.jpg dib_blog_025.jpg dib_blog_026.jpg dib_blog_027.jpg dib_blog_028.jpg dib_blog_029.jpg dib_blog_030.jpg dib_blog_031.jpg dib_blog_032.jpg dib_blog_033.jpg dib_blog_034.jpg dib_blog_035.jpg dib_blog_036.jpg

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[January 21, 2010 05:51 PM] Quincy said:
Dude. I love these guys! Aren't these booth sooooo fun to shoot!???
[January 26, 2010 01:54 PM] amy said:
hil.arious! love them!
[January 28, 2010 01:34 PM] Olivia said: can tell these guys are all a riot! Looks like a fun group!
[March 5, 2010 12:07 AM] Julia Wei said:
I love the DETAILS that you guys put into these photographs! Beautiful: true emotions that are hard to come by=LOVE IT!
November 21, 2009 Funbooth! birthday party!
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[November 23, 2009 10:29 PM] Audrey said:
Can I just say how amazing this was! I seriously had to watch the whole thing because it was that captivating. Fabulous photos.
Well guys, ACP has done it again. Every year they host halloween for the Potrero Hill neighborhood and every year it gets better! If you and your family haven't made it out to this event yet, then you definitely should come next year, it's the best! You might remember last year's  halloween Funbooth! with some of the most adorable costumes and kids you've ever seen. Well, this year is really giving last year a run for their money! You might recognize some of the same kiddos too (my how they have grown!)  All I have to say is costumes + infants = CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

hal09_blog_001.jpg hal09_blog_002.jpg hal09_blog_003.jpg hal09_blog_004.jpg hal09_blog_005.jpg hal09_blog_006.jpg hal09_blog_007.jpg hal09_blog_008.jpg hal09_blog_009.jpg hal09_blog_011.jpg hal09_blog_012.jpg hal09_blog_010.jpg hal09_blog_013.jpg hal09_blog_014.jpg hal09_blog_015.jpg hal09_blog_016.jpg hal09_blog_017.jpg hal09_blog_018.jpg hal09_blog_020.jpg hal09_blog_021.jpg hal09_blog_022.jpg hal09_blog_023.jpg hal09_blog_024.jpg hal09_blog_025.jpg hal09_blog_026.jpg hal09_blog_027.jpg hal09_blog_028.jpg hal09_blog_029.jpg hal09_blog_030.jpg hal09_blog_031.jpg hal09_blog_032.jpg hal09_blog_033.jpg hal09_blog_035.jpg hal09_blog_036.jpg hal09_blog_037.jpg hal09_blog_038.jpg hal09_blog_039.jpg hal09_blog_040.jpg hal09_blog_041.jpg hal09_blog_042.jpg hal09_blog_043.jpg hal09_blog_044.jpg hal09_blog_045.jpg hal09_blog_046.jpg hal09_blog_047.jpg hal09_blog_048.jpg hal09_blog_049.jpg hal09_blog_050.jpg hal09_blog_051.jpg hal09_blog_034.jpg
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Check out the extra fun we had at Kevin and Patricia's wedding! You gotta love the crazys!

ern_056.jpg ern_057.jpg ern_058.jpg ern_059.jpg ern_060.jpg ern_061.jpg ern_062.jpg ern_063.jpg ern_064.jpg ern_065.jpg ern_066.jpg ern_067.jpg ern_068.jpg ern_069.jpg ern_070.jpg ern_071.jpg ern_072.jpg ern_073.jpg ern_074.jpg ern_075.jpg ern_076.jpg ern_077.jpg ern_115.jpg ern_078.jpg ern_079.jpg ern_080.jpg ern_081.jpg ern_082.jpg ern_083.jpg ern_084.jpg ern_085.jpg ern_086.jpg ern_087.jpg ern_088.jpg ern_089.jpg ern_090.jpg ern_091.jpg ern_092.jpg ern_093.jpg ern_094.jpg ern_095.jpg ern_096.jpg ern_097.jpg ern_098.jpg ern_099.jpg ern_100.jpg ern_101.jpg ern_102.jpg ern_103.jpg ern_104.jpg ern_105.jpg ern_106.jpg ern_107.jpg ern_108.jpg ern_109.jpg ern_110.jpg ern_111.jpg ern_112.jpg ern_113.jpg ern_114.jpg
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We had the great honor of shooting the super geeky yet ultra-cool Veronica Belmont (+10 Charisma) and Mr.Studly himself, Patrick Norton, the hosts of Tekzilla for the just as awesome and dare I say, just as cool J!NX Clothing Company. Ch-Ch-Check it:

jinx_001.jpg jinx_002.jpg jinx_003.jpg

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[August 26, 2009 11:49 AM] gabbie said:
She sounds like fun! Great photos!!
[August 28, 2009 06:35 PM] Jamey Firnberg said:
Great photos!
August 3, 2009 Whit and Han's 30th!
Check out the funbooth adventures of our party! I think the camera got handed off to a few different peeps throughout the night, so thanks to all who helped relieve Marcellos by taking pics of our crazy selves. Love and thanks to everyone who came to our party and showered us with hugs, loves and gifts! Wooo Hooo!

hw_30_blog_001.jpg hw_30_blog_002.jpg hw_30_blog_003.jpg hw_30_blog_004.jpg hw_30_blog_005.jpg hw_30_blog_006.jpg hw_30_blog_007.jpg hw_30_blog_008.jpghw_30_blog_009.jpg hw_30_blog_010.jpg hw_30_blog_011.jpg hw_30_blog_012.jpg hw_30_blog_013.jpg hw_30_blog_014.jpg hw_30_blog_015.jpg hw_30_blog_016.jpg hw_30_blog_017.jpg hw_30_blog_018.jpg hw_30_blog_019.jpg hw_30_blog_020.jpg hw_30_blog_021.jpg hw_30_blog_022.jpg hw_30_blog_023.jpg hw_30_blog_024.jpg hw_30_blog_025.jpg hw_30_blog_026.jpg hw_30_blog_027.jpg hw_30_blog_028.jpg hw_30_blog_029.jpg hw_30_blog_030.jpg hw_30_blog_031.jpg hw_30_blog_032.jpg hw_30_blog_033.jpg hw_30_blog_034.jpg hw_30_blog_035.jpg hw_30_blog_036.jpg hw_30_blog_037.jpg hw_30_blog_038.jpg hw_30_blog_039.jpg hw_30_blog_040.jpg hw_30_blog_041.jpg hw_30_blog_042.jpg hw_30_blog_043.jpg hw_30_blog_044.jpg hw_30_blog_045.jpg hw_30_blog_046.jpg hw_30_blog_047.jpg hw_30_blog_048.jpg hw_30_blog_049.jpg hw_30_blog_050.jpg hw_30_blog_051.jpg hw_30_blog_052.jpg hw_30_blog_053.jpg hw_30_blog_054.jpg hw_30_blog_055.jpg hw_30_blog_056.jpg hw_30_blog_057.jpg hw_30_blog_058.jpg hw_30_blog_059.jpg hw_30_blog_060.jpg hw_30_blog_061.jpg hw_30_blog_062.jpg hw_30_blog_063.jpg hw_30_blog_064.jpg hw_30_blog_065.jpg hw_30_blog_066.jpg hw_30_blog_067.jpg hw_30_blog_068.jpg hw_30_blog_069.jpg hw_30_blog_070.jpg hw_30_blog_071.jpg hw_30_blog_072.jpg hw_30_blog_073.jpg hw_30_blog_074.jpg hw_30_blog_075.jpg hw_30_blog_076.jpg hw_30_blog_077.jpg hw_30_blog_078.jpg hw_30_blog_079.jpg hw_30_blog_080.jpg hw_30_blog_081.jpg hw_30_blog_082.jpg hw_30_blog_083.jpg hw_30_blog_084.jpg hw_30_blog_085.jpg hw_30_blog_086.jpg hw_30_blog_087.jpg hw_30_blog_088.jpg hw_30_blog_089.jpg
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[August 5, 2009 11:08 PM] Karen Torres said:
LOVE IT!!! -Karen
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