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The Paco and The Betty

We are Marcellos and Whitney Parker, the husband and wife photo duo also known as Paco and Betty and we love what we do!

Outstanding pictures are made by outstanding people. We believe that inside each individual is something outstanding that is uniquely theirs - our job is to make sure that comes through in our work.

People fascinate us - we like to think that we're "tuned-in" to who someone really is and enjoy the diversity that comes with capturing so many different personalities.

We like to create a fun atmosphere that encourages people to let loose and have fun. Working with clients in that zone of the unexpected is what produces the most amazing results for them and us.

When we're not shooting Whitney likes to dance like no one is watching; and Marcellos likes to plug the tub when showering and pretend he's in a sinking ship.

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Marcellos and Whitney