WOW! We are so honored to be recognized alongside such talented photographers and having our image of Rachel make the cover was truly the cherry on top!

A huge thanks to Blair and the team at Junebug Weddings for the nomination, also to Rangefinder Magazine for choosing us as one of the top 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography and thanks to our amazing clients for letting us capture your day!

Check out the digital magazine here.

Feeling extremely thankful this November!

rangefinder_cover.jpg rangefinder_inside.jpg
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[November 21, 2012 07:04 PM] Matt said:
[November 22, 2012 03:54 AM] Sophie Booth said:
very well deserved, your work is beautiful!
[November 26, 2012 10:24 PM] mashacrayne said:
Yay, that's fan-freaking-tastic!! Congrats you two, lots of hard work went into this.
[November 30, 2012 07:43 AM] mellissa bonill pun said:
so proud of you guys!
[November 30, 2012 09:07 AM] Ashley Scobey said:
Huge congrats to y'all!! What an incredible honor - beautiful images :)
[December 27, 2012 03:20 AM] Tim Bishop said:
Congrats on being named one of the Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Phtography - well deserved! As a lover of photography I see many sites and your work really jumps out, you have yourself a new fan! Happy New Years! Tx
Whenever we are around Doug + Ciji we just feel happier! They have such a lightness in their personalities and their wedding day so fun! Teach Me How to Dougie & Call Me Maybe were a couple of the songs the DJ played and it just made the crowd go wild. 

Their ceremony was held at Presidio Chapel and reception at Golden Gate Club.
  madey_w_b_003.jpg madey_0001.jpg madey_w_b_005.jpg madey_w_b_006.jpg madey_w_b_008.jpg madey_w_b_009.jpg madey_w_b_010.jpg madey_w_b_011.jpg madey_w_b_013.jpg madey_w_b_014.jpg madey_w_b_015.jpg madey_w_b_016.jpg madey_w_b_017.jpg madey_w_b_018.jpg madey_w_b_019.jpg madey_w_b_020.jpg madey_w_b_021.jpg madey_w_b_022.jpg madey_w_b_023.jpg madey_w_b_024.jpg madey_w_b_025.jpg madey_w_b_026.jpg madey_w_b_027.jpg madey_w_b_028.jpg madey_w_b_029.jpg madey_w_b_030.jpg madey_w_b_031.jpg madey_w_b_032.jpg madey_w_b_033.jpg madey_w_b_034.jpg madey_w_b_035.jpg madey_w_b_036.jpg madey_w_b_037.jpg madey_w_b_038.jpg madey_w_b_039.jpg madey_w_b_040.jpg madey_w_b_041.jpg madey_w_b_042.jpg madey_w_b_043.jpg madey_w_b_044.jpg madey_w_b_045.jpg madey_w_b_046.jpg madey_w_b_047.jpg madey_w_b_048.jpg madey_w_b_049.jpg madey_w_b_050.jpg madey_w_b_051.jpg madey_w_b_052.jpg madey_w_b_053.jpg madey_w_b_054.jpg madey_w_b_055.jpg madey_w_b_056.jpg madey_w_b_057.jpg madey_w_b_058.jpg madey_w_b_059.jpg madey_w_b_060.jpg madey_w_b_061.jpg madey_w_b_062.jpg madey_w_b_063.jpg madey_w_b_064.jpg madey_w_b_065.jpg madey_w_b_066.jpg madey_w_b_067.jpg madey_w_b_068.jpg madey_w_b_069.jpg madey_w_b_070.jpg madey_w_b_071.jpg madey_w_b_072.jpg madey_w_b_073.jpg madey_w_b_074.jpg madey_w_b_075.jpg madey_w_b_076.jpg madey_w_b_077.jpg madey_w_b_078.jpg
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[December 13, 2012 03:10 AM] Trish said:
What gorgeous photos!
Jeff + Amber designed such a lovely wedding at Cornerstone Gardens ! This is such a fun venue to begin with and the details of the wedding were perfectly suited for J+A. We especially loved the "Yay" flags and the flowers done by Leigh Okies Designs.

ja_w_675b.jpg engel_w_blog_002b.jpg engel_w_blog_001.jpgengel_w_blog_025.jpg engel_w_blog_029.jpg engel_w_blog_028.jpg engel_w_blog_004.jpg engel_w_blog_005.jpg engel_w_blog_006.jpg engel_w_blog_007.jpg engel_w_blog_008.jpg engel_w_blog_009.jpg engel_w_blog_010.jpg engel_w_blog_011.jpg engel_w_blog_012.jpg engel_w_blog_013.jpg engel_w_blog_014.jpg engel_w_blog_015.jpg engel_w_blog_016.jpgengel_w_blog_030.jpg engel_w_blog_031.jpg engel_w_blog_032.jpgengel_w_blog_034.jpgengel_w_blog_036.jpg engel_w_blog_037.jpg engel_w_blog_038.jpg engel_w_blog_039.jpgengel_w_blog_045.jpg engel_w_blog_046.jpg engel_w_blog_047.jpg engel_w_blog_048.jpgengel_w_blog_050.jpg engel_w_blog_051.jpgengel_w_blog_056.jpg engel_w_blog_057.jpg engel_w_blog_058.jpg engel_w_blog_059.jpg engel_w_blog_060.jpg engel_w_blog_061.jpg engel_w_blog_062.jpg engel_w_blog_063.jpgengel_w_blog_065.jpg engel_w_blog_066.jpg engel_w_blog_067.jpgengel_w_blog_069.jpgengel_w_blog_071.jpg engel_w_blog_072.jpg engel_w_blog_073.jpg engel_w_blog_074.jpgengel_w_blog_080.jpgengel_w_blog_082.jpgengel_w_blog_085.jpg engel_w_blog_086.jpg engel_w_blog_087.jpg engel_w_blog_088.jpg engel_w_blog_089.jpg engel_w_blog_090.jpg engel_w_blog_091.jpg engel_w_blog_092.jpg engel_w_blog_093.jpg engel_w_blog_094.jpg engel_w_blog_095.jpg engel_w_blog_096.jpgengel_w_blog_099.jpg engel_w_blog_100.jpg engel_w_blog_101.jpgengel_w_blog_103.jpgengel_w_blog_105.jpg engel_w_blog_106.jpg engel_w_blog_107.jpg engel_w_blog_108.jpg engel_w_blog_109.jpg engel_w_blog_110.jpgengel_w_blog_113.jpg engel_w_blog_114.jpg engel_w_blog_115.jpg engel_w_blog_116.jpgengel_w_blog_118.jpg engel_w_blog_119.jpg engel_w_blog_120.jpg engel_w_blog_121.jpg engel_w_blog_122.jpgengel_w_blog_124.jpg engel_w_blog_125.jpgengel_w_blog_127.jpg engel_w_blog_128.jpgengel_w_blog_130.jpg engel_w_blog_131.jpg engel_w_blog_132.jpg engel_w_blog_133.jpg engel_w_blog_134.jpg engel_w_blog_135.jpg engel_w_blog_136.jpgengel_w_blog_140.jpg engel_w_blog_141.jpg engel_w_blog_142.jpg engel_w_blog_143.jpg engel_w_blog_144.jpg engel_w_blog_145.jpg engel_w_blog_146.jpg engel_w_blog_147.jpg engel_w_blog_148.jpgengel_w_blog_150.jpg engel_w_blog_151.jpg engel_w_blog_152.jpg engel_w_blog_153.jpgengel_w_blog_155.jpg engel_w_blog_156.jpg
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[September 20, 2012 07:59 PM] Lisa said:
oooo, LOVE this one! You captured all of the gorgeous details and moments perfectly. That last shot is awesome. :)
[September 20, 2012 08:00 PM] Derren said:
Awesome post you guys! So many great moments, and loving that last shot! You guys rock!!
[September 21, 2012 06:05 PM] Brooke said:
Seriously! That is amazing! L O V E your work
Darren + Lisa Raser are our new photog friends and they're awesome!

rasers_003.jpg rasers_004.jpg rasers_001.jpg rasers_002.jpg rasers_005.jpg rasers_007.jpg rasers_009.jpg rasers_010.jpg rasers_012.jpg rasers_013.jpg rasers_015.jpg rasers_014.jpg rasers_011.jpg rasers_016.jpg rasers_017.jpg rasers_018.jpg rasers_019.jpg rasers_020.jpg rasers_021.jpg rasers_022.jpg rasers_023.jpg rasers_024.jpg rasers_025.jpg rasers_026.jpg rasers_027.jpg rasers_028.jpg rasers_029.jpg rasers_030.jpg rasers_031.jpg rasers_032.jpg rasers_033.jpg rasers_034.jpg rasers_035.jpg rasers_036.jpg
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[August 3, 2012 10:43 PM] Derren & Lisa said:
You guys are so awesome!! Thank you so much for these amazing photos! When can we chow down on some serious Italian food again together??
Thanks to Amelia Lyon, we had the pleasure of shooting this lovely couple!

forsyth1_b_003.jpg forsyth1_b_002.jpg forsyth1_b_001.jpg forsyth1_b_004.jpg forsyth1_b_005.jpg forsyth1_b_034.jpg forsyth1_b_011.jpg forsyth1_b_010.jpg forsyth1_b_009.jpg forsyth1_b_013.jpg forsyth1_b_012.jpg forsyth1_b_015.jpg forsyth1_b_016.jpg forsyth1_b_018.jpg forsyth_b_034.jpg forsyth_b_37.jpg forsyth1_b_019.jpg forsyth1_b_021.jpg forsyth1_b_022.jpg forsyth1_b_023.jpg forsyth1_b_024.jpg forsyth1_b_025.jpg forsyth1_b_026.jpg forsyth1_b_027.jpg forsyth1_b_028.jpg forsyth1_b_029.jpg forsyth1_b_030.jpg forsyth1_b_031.jpg forsyth1_b_032.jpg forsyth1_b_033.jpg
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[June 15, 2012 09:53 AM] Lisa said:
Loving these! :)
[June 26, 2012 01:58 PM] Amelia Lyon said:
Thanks for taking such great care of my friend!! Great pics guys!
Loved shooting this beautiful couple at Flora Grub Gardens in San Francisco!

ja_b_001.jpg ja_b_002.jpg ja_b_003.jpg ja_b_004.jpg ja_b_005.jpg ja_b_006.jpg ja_b_007.jpg ja_b_008.jpg ja_b_009.jpg ja_b_010.jpg ja_b_011.jpg ja_b_012.jpg ja_b_013.jpg ja_b_014.jpg ja_b_015.jpg ja_b_016.jpg ja_b_017.jpg ja_b_018.jpg ja_b_019.jpg ja_b_020.jpg ja_b_021.jpg ja_b_022.jpg ja_b_023.jpg ja_b_024.jpg ja_b_025.jpg ja_b_026.jpg ja_b_027.jpg ja_b_028.jpg ja_b_029.jpg ja_b_030.jpg ja_b_031.jpg ja_b_032.jpg ja_b_033.jpg
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doug_ciji_b_001.jpg doug_ciji_b_002.jpg doug_ciji_b_003.jpg doug_ciji_b_004.jpg doug_ciji_b_005.jpg doug_ciji_b_006.jpg dc_e_032.jpg dc_e_058.jpg dc_e_073.jpg dc_e_074.jpg doug_ciji_b_013.jpg doug_ciji_b_016.jpg doug_ciji_b_017.jpg doug_ciji_b_018.jpg doug_ciji_b_015.jpg doug_ciji_b_020.jpg doug_ciji_b_021.jpg doug_ciji_b_022.jpg doug_ciji_b_023.jpg doug_ciji_b_024.jpg doug_ciji_b_025.jpg doug_ciji_b_026.jpg doug_ciji_b_009.jpg doug_ciji_b_027.jpg doug_ciji_b_028.jpg doug_ciji_b_029.jpg doug_ciji_b_031.jpg doug_ciji_b_032.jpg doug_ciji_b_033.jpg doug_ciji_b_034.jpg doug_ciji_b_035.jpg doug_ciji_b_036.jpg doug_ciji_b_037.jpg doug_ciji_b_038.jpg doug_ciji_b_039.jpg doug_ciji_b_040.jpg doug_ciji_b_041.jpg doug_ciji_b_042.jpg doug_ciji_b_043.jpg doug_ciji_b_044.jpg doug_ciji_b_045.jpg doug_ciji_b_046.jpg
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[June 8, 2012 04:12 PM] Jen said:
Beautiful shoot!
lam_w_b_001b.jpg lam_w_b_002.jpg lam_w_b_003.jpg lam_w_b_004.jpg lam_w_b_005.jpg lam_w_b_006.jpg lam_w_b_007.jpg lam_w_b_008.jpg lam_w_b_009.jpg lam_w_b_010.jpg lam_w_b_011.jpg lam_w_b_012.jpg lam_w_b_013.jpg lam_w_b_014.jpg lam_w_b_015.jpg lam_w_b_016.jpg lam_w_b_017.jpg lam_w_b_018.jpg lam_w_b_019.jpg lam_w_b_020.jpg lam_w_b_021.jpg lam_w_b_022.jpg lam_w_b_023.jpg lam_w_b_024.jpg lam_w_b_025.jpg lam_w_b_026.jpg lam_w_b_027.jpg lam_w_b_028.jpg lam_w_b_029.jpg lam_w_b_030.jpg lam_w_b_031.jpg lam_w_b_032.jpg lam_w_b_033.jpg lam_w_b_034.jpg lam_w_b_035.jpg lam_w_b_036.jpg lam_w_b_037.jpg lam_w_b_038.jpg lam_w_b_039.jpg lam_w_b_040.jpg lam_w_b_041.jpg lam_w_b_042.jpg lam_w_b_043.jpg lam_w_b_044.jpg lam_w_b_045.jpg lam_w_b_046.jpg lam_w_b_047.jpg lam_w_b_048.jpg lam_w_b_049.jpg lam_w_b_050.jpg lam_w_b_051.jpg lam_w_b_052.jpg lam_w_b_053.jpg lam_w_b_054.jpg lam_w_b_055.jpg lam_w_b_056.jpg lam_w_b_057.jpg lam_w_b_058.jpg lam_w_b_059.jpg lam_w_b_060.jpg Check out the wedding video Paco and I did while also shooting the wedding!
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[April 9, 2012 05:42 PM] Lisa said:
LOVE the portraits you captured! What a sweet and fun wedding. Well done, guys!!
[May 19, 2012 07:51 AM] Rebecca said:
This is a stunning wedding! The first picture is breath taking!!!
fernandez_e_b_001.jpg fernandez_e_b_002.jpg fernandez_e_b_003.jpg fernandez_e_b_004.jpg fernandez_e_b_005.jpg fernandez_e_b_006.jpg fernandez_e_b_007.jpg fernandez_e_b_008.jpg fernandez_e_b_009.jpg fernandez_e_b_010.jpg fernandez_e_b_011.jpg fernandez_e_b_014.jpg fernandez_e_b_015.jpg fernandez_e_b_012.jpg fernandez_e_b_013.jpg fernandez_e_b_016.jpg fernandez_e_b_017.jpg fernandez_e_b_018.jpg fernandez_e_b_019.jpg fernandez_e_b_020.jpg fernandez_e_b_021.jpg fernandez_e_b_022.jpg fernandez_e_b_023.jpg fernandez_e_b_024.jpg fernandez_e_b_025.jpg
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[April 3, 2012 08:58 AM] Kat Forsyth said:
I freaking love that dog! Oh man, I want him for my own. Great pics as always, guys!
[April 3, 2012 12:56 PM] Lauri McAtee said:
You take amazing pictures, all done with your imagination! WOW! Very Impressive!
[April 6, 2012 04:55 PM] Tiffany M said:
These are so cute!!! I am so happy they went with you guys. :)
Ben and Candice are a fun + artsy San Francisco couple who wanted to add a little vintage flair to their engagement shoot, which is a preemptive to their wedding at Big Daddy's Antique Shop coming up this month. We are beyond excited!

ben_can_b_001.jpg ben_can_b_002.jpg ben_can_b_003.jpg ben_can_b_004.jpg ben_can_b_005.jpg ben_can_b_006.jpg ben_can_b_007.jpg ben_can_b_010.jpg ben_can_b_008.jpg ben_can_b_009.jpg ben_can_b_013.jpg ben_can_b_012.jpg ben_can_b_014.jpg ben_can_b_011.jpg ben_can_b_015.jpg ben_can_b_016.jpg ben_can_b_017.jpg ben_can_b_018.jpg ben_can_b_019.jpg ben_can_b_020.jpg ben_can_b_022.jpg ben_can_b_021.jpg ben_can_b_023.jpg ben_can_b_024.jpg ben_can_b_025.jpg ben_can_b_026.jpg ben_can_b_027.jpg ben_can_b_028.jpg ben_can_b_029.jpg ben_can_b_030.jpg ben_can_b_031.jpg ben_can_b_032.jpg ben_can_b_033.jpg ben_can_b_034.jpg ben_can_b_035.jpg Check out the video we made too!
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[March 9, 2012 05:39 PM] kathy martinez said:
Ben and Candice, So excited!!!! Cant wait..... love the pictures. Dottie is counting the days down. See you soon. Lots of love Kathy and Dottie
[March 12, 2012 10:47 AM] Lisa said:
Lovin' the vibe of this shoot! The shadow shots and the no parking sign shots are awesome. Way to go, p&b!!
[March 13, 2012 08:19 AM] Ben said:
P&B, 2 of my new favorite peeps! I linked to this on my Facebook page and it absolutely blew up with comments and likes - you guys are amazing people & artists, we both are so excited and happy we made the decision to make you a part of this experience for us ;-) PS: Can't wait till I see myself in slow motion on the engagement video haha
[March 13, 2012 06:19 PM] Candice said:
Paco & Betty! Oh my God! It was love at first sight for me! As soon as I saw your work, I knew I had to have you! There was this instant connection, I knew Paco & Betty would be able to express the love Ben and I have through photographs. This engagement shoot is only the beginning. I've loved and trusted your creativeness and artful eye from the start. I'm so unbelievably happy that we get to work with such an amazing couple. Can't wait for our big day! We heart you guys!!
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