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November 23, 2009 Audrey Ebbs part I
Audrey is a crazy talented singer/songwriter who also happens to be one of the funniest and level headed people we know. Check out her myspace music page for a playlist of awesome and scroll down to see part 1 of Audrey Ebbs debut photo shoot with us.

ebbs_001.jpg ebbs_002.jpg ebbs_003.jpg ebbs_004.jpg ebbs_005.jpg ebbs_006.jpg ebbs_007.jpg ebbs_008.jpg ebbs_009.jpg ebbs_010.jpg ebbs_011.jpg
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[November 23, 2009 09:51 AM] annie said:
supa gorgeous~as always!
[November 23, 2009 02:08 PM] Neil said:
[November 24, 2009 07:28 AM] Caleb Pendleton said:
Audrey, you're a superstar!!
[November 24, 2009 10:12 AM] Olivia said:
Those are really great shots. I really like #6 and #9...You're very talented :)
[December 13, 2009 11:36 PM] Marc Senasac said:
I hadn't seen this shoot but heard about the girl with the bright umbrella from Betty. Fantastic! Especially those in flight shots!
November 21, 2009 Funbooth! birthday party!
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[November 23, 2009 10:29 PM] Audrey said:
Can I just say how amazing this was! I seriously had to watch the whole thing because it was that captivating. Fabulous photos.
Check out the extra fun we had at Kevin and Patricia's wedding! You gotta love the crazys!

ern_056.jpg ern_057.jpg ern_058.jpg ern_059.jpg ern_060.jpg ern_061.jpg ern_062.jpg ern_063.jpg ern_064.jpg ern_065.jpg ern_066.jpg ern_067.jpg ern_068.jpg ern_069.jpg ern_070.jpg ern_071.jpg ern_072.jpg ern_073.jpg ern_074.jpg ern_075.jpg ern_076.jpg ern_077.jpg ern_115.jpg ern_078.jpg ern_079.jpg ern_080.jpg ern_081.jpg ern_082.jpg ern_083.jpg ern_084.jpg ern_085.jpg ern_086.jpg ern_087.jpg ern_088.jpg ern_089.jpg ern_090.jpg ern_091.jpg ern_092.jpg ern_093.jpg ern_094.jpg ern_095.jpg ern_096.jpg ern_097.jpg ern_098.jpg ern_099.jpg ern_100.jpg ern_101.jpg ern_102.jpg ern_103.jpg ern_104.jpg ern_105.jpg ern_106.jpg ern_107.jpg ern_108.jpg ern_109.jpg ern_110.jpg ern_111.jpg ern_112.jpg ern_113.jpg ern_114.jpg
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October 15, 2009 Kevin + Patricia Married!
Kevin and Patricia are our dear friends and we are so so happy for them! You might remember their bomb diggity engagement shoot a few months back. Here's a recap of their wonderful day. Make sure to check out the slideshow at that end too!

ern_001.jpg ern_002.jpg ern_003.jpg ern_004.jpg ern_005.jpg ern_006.jpg ern_007.jpg ern_008.jpg ern_009.jpg ern_010.jpg ern_011.jpg ern_012.jpg ern_013.jpg ern_014.jpg ern_015.jpg ern_016.jpg ern_017.jpg ern_018.jpg ern_019.jpg ern_020.jpg ern_021.jpg ern_022.jpg ern_023.jpg ern_024.jpg ern_025.jpg ern_026.jpg ern_027.jpg ern_028.jpg ern_029.jpg ern_030.jpg ern_031.jpg ern_032.jpg ern_033.jpg ern_034.jpg ern_035.jpg ern_036.jpg ern_037.jpg ern_038.jpg ern_039.jpg ern_040.jpg ern_041.jpg ern_042.jpg ern_043.jpg ern_044.jpg ern_045.jpg ern_046.jpg ern_047.jpg ern_048.jpg ern_049.jpg ern_050.jpg ern_051.jpg ern_052.jpg ern_053.jpg ern_054.jpg ern_055.jpg
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[October 28, 2009 12:38 PM] Karina Paz said:
I love them!!! You're so good!
[October 28, 2009 04:55 PM] Anonymous said:
This is amazing work. As an event planner in the city I would recommend any of my clients to hire Paco and Betty. Thank you for capturing the moments.
[October 29, 2009 10:42 PM] Becca said:
guys - these are soooo extremely stunning. i cant even get over how beautiful. im especially in awe of the picture of the boys tugging on patricias dress - looks like it could be out of a magazine! amazing!!! -
September 24, 2009 Jeff + Marissa Engaged!
Jeff and Marissa were a ball of energy, so full of life and wonderment! We were not able to shoot their wedding but we still were able to give them a kick a$$ engagement shoot! Even on a very overcast and dreary day we pulled it off. Here's to making lemonade out of lemons!

page_blog_001.jpg page_blog_002.jpg page_blog_003.jpg page_blog_010.jpg page_blog_004.jpg page_blog_005.jpg page_blog_006.jpg page_blog_007.jpg page_blog_008.jpg page_blog_009.jpg page_blog_011.jpg page_blog_012.jpg page_blog_013.jpg page_blog_014.jpg
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[September 24, 2009 01:47 PM] Karina Paz said:
These are so cute! I like the 3rd, 4th, the one by the water and the one on the swings the best!! All of them!!! =)
[November 14, 2009 04:24 PM] maggie said:
I LOVE the picture with the birds. It reminds me of the Notebook... "If youre a bird, Im a bird"...
September 22, 2009 Liz + Niels Married!
You might remember Niels and Liz from their engagement shoot a few shoots back. We really love this couple and their wedding was so much fun and not to mention, so beautiful to shoot. First stop, the wedding: at Marin Art and Garden Center. Next stop, the reception: downtown San Francisco at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. (Linda Hylen is the best event coordinator!) Both locations were epic and dreamy for any photographer, lucky it was us!

kv_wed_blog001.jpg kv_wed_blog002.jpg kv_wed_blog003.jpg kv_wed_blog004.jpg kv_wed_blog005.jpg kv_wed_blog006.jpg kv_wed_blog007.jpg kv_wed_blog008.jpg kv_wed_blog010.jpg kv_wed_blog012.jpg kv_wed_blog013.jpg kv_wed_blog014.jpg kv_wed_blog015.jpg kv_wed_blog016.jpg kv_wed_blog017.jpg kv_wed_blog019.jpg kv_wed_blog020.jpg kv_wed_blog021.jpg kv_wed_blog022.jpg kv_wed_blog023.jpg kv_wed_blog024.jpg kv_wed_blog025.jpg kv_wed_blog026.jpg kv_wed_blog028.jpg kv_wed_blog031.jpg kv_wed_blog032.jpg kv_wed_blog033.jpg kv_wed_blog034.jpg kv_wed_blog035.jpg kv_wed_blog030.jpg kv_wed_blog036.jpg kv_wed_blog037.jpg kv_wed_blog038.jpg kv_wed_blog039.jpg kv_wed_blog040.jpg kv_wed_blog041.jpg
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[September 22, 2009 08:07 PM] Don Neumark said:
Where's the wet bride in the ocean picture?
[October 12, 2009 04:56 AM] Waleed said:
These pictures are tooooooooooooo cool..
September 19, 2009 Karen + Alfonso Engaged!
We had so much fun on this shoot, inspired by the fabulous couple and all the cool locations we found around San Francisco. Here are a few shots that we really love. Can't wait to shoot the wedding in Mexico next year!

ka_blog_001.jpg ka_blog_002.jpg ka_blog_003.jpg ka_blog_004.jpg ka_blog_005.jpg ka_blog_006.jpg ka_blog_007.jpg ka_blog_008.jpg ka_blog_009.jpg ka_blog_010.jpg ka_blog_011.jpg ka_blog_012.jpg

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[September 19, 2009 02:07 PM] gabbie said:
my faves = #1, 9 and 12. So great!
September 5, 2009 Trina
Trina is a really cool person with graphic design skills that will blow your flippin mind. These are her portfolio portraits. Such beauty and personality...

trina_001.jpg trina_002.jpg trina_003.jpg trina_004.jpg trina_005.jpg trina_006.jpg trina_007.jpg trina_008.jpg trina_009.jpg trina_010.jpg trina_011.jpg

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September 2, 2009 Evelyn at 10 months
My oh my how I love this little bundle of cuteness! I take pictures of little Evie as if she were mine. She's so cute when I come over because she always seems to be ready for her close-up. Check out her Marylin Monroe pose a few down. What a personality this one has ;)

stokes_5_blog_001.jpg stokes_5_blog_002.jpg stokes_5_blog_003.jpg stokes_5_blog_004.jpg stokes_5_blog_005.jpg stokes_5_blog_006.jpg stokes_5_blog_007.jpg stokes_5_blog_008.jpg stokes_5_blog_009.jpg stokes_5_blog_010.jpg stokes_5_blog_011.jpg stokes_5_blog_012.jpg 

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August 18, 2009 Shayna + Dustin Married!
We are so happy for our beautiful cousin Shayna and her precious husband Dustin! Remember their sweet engagement shoot?  The wedding was rockin! It was held at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA which is just a magical wonderful place to get married. We had the greatest time shooting the wedding not only because we know and love the couple, but because they're so stinkin HAWT! ... watch out for our occasional throwing ourselves in some of the shots :) Congrats you two, we love you!!!

pef_blog_001.jpg pef_blog_002.jpg pef_blog_003.jpg pef_blog_004.jpg pef_blog_005.jpg pef_blog_006.jpg pef_blog_007.jpg pef_blog_008.jpg pef_blog_009.jpg pef_blog_011.jpg pef_blog_012.jpg pef_blog_013.jpg pef_blog_014.jpg pef_blog_015.jpg pef_blog_016.jpg pef_blog_017.jpg pef_blog_018.jpg pef_blog_019.jpg pef_blog_020.jpg pef_blog_021.jpg pef_blog_022.jpg pef_blog_023.jpg pef_blog_024.jpg pef_blog_025.jpg pef_blog_026.jpg pef_blog_027.jpg pef_blog_028.jpg pef_blog_029.jpg pef_blog_030.jpg pef_blog_031.jpg pef_blog_033.jpg pef_blog_034.jpg pef_blog_035.jpg pef_blog_036.jpg pef_blog_037.jpg pef_blog_038.jpg pef_blog_039.jpg pef_blog_040.jpg pef_blog_041.jpg pef_blog_042.jpg pef_blog_043.jpg pef_blog_044.jpg pef_blog_045.jpg pef_blog_046.jpg pef_blog_047.jpg pef_blog_048.jpg pef_blog_049.jpg pef_blog_050.jpg pef_blog_051.jpg pef_blog_052.jpg pef_blog_053.jpg pef_blog_054.jpg pef_blog_055.jpg pef_blog_056.jpg pef_blog_057.jpg pef_blog_058.jpg pef_blog_059.jpg pef_blog_060.jpg pef_blog_061.jpg pef_blog_062.jpg pef_blog_063.jpg pef_blog_064.jpg pef_blog_065.jpg pef_blog_066.jpg pef_blog_067.jpg pef_blog_068.jpg pef_blog_069.jpg pef_blog_070.jpg pef_blog_071.jpg pef_blog_072.jpg pef_blog_073.jpg pef_blog_074.jpg pef_blog_075.jpg pef_blog_076.jpg pef_blog_077.jpg pef_blog_078.jpg pef_blog_079.jpg
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[August 18, 2009 12:53 PM] gabbie said:
These are gorgeous!!
[August 27, 2009 07:02 AM] Marie said:
Love the carefree feel, especially the "portraits"... your images are definitely a source of inspiration! thank you....
[September 11, 2009 12:56 AM] Sarah said:
That entire wedding is FABULOUS! you're pictures are amazing!
[October 16, 2009 06:03 AM] lauri mcatee said:
[November 29, 2012 02:51 PM] gina said:
Congrats Whitney-nice pictures of shana's wedding. Never seen these before. Rex looks great with his long hair,should grow it out again......
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